Black Tuna AAA


THC 14-20%

AAA | Hybrid | Under $100

Black Tuna is a balanced Hybrid that produces a cerebral high, clearing your head and eliminating all mental cobwebs. It has the capability to refresh your mind effectively and introduces a rejuvenated sense of motivation, replacing negativity with unmatched optimism while unleashing your creative genius.

FLAVOURS: Spicy, tart, herbal, skunky, woodsy
EFFECTS: Energetic, euphoric, happy, relaxed, hungry, sleepy


5 Star Organic formulated the Black Tuna strain to provide users with a powerful hit that is beneficial for chronic pain relief. It is a British Columbian native generated by crossing Lamb’s Bread X Herojuana and is greatly popular in Canada for the strong narcotic effect plus its novel marketing tactics being sold in sealed tuna cans.

Appearance & Aroma

This bud’s structure is compact and covered in trichomes with rich sage green colours with darker green and hints of purple. Yet, despite its name, Black Tuna does not actually have the aroma of fish. In fact, the name derives from the Black Tuna Gang that was well-known for importing cannabis from Colombia to the United States in the 1970s.

Effects & Benefits

The THC levels tend to range between 14%-20%, but the rich terpene profile that arises with this strain presents its painkilling effects. The high that follows the sharp toke sets on within moments. The effects include experiencing euphoria along with feelings of happiness and arousal. Medical users turn to Black Tuna to remedy pain, inflammation, spasticity, nausea, headache and cramps.


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