5 Ways Marijuana Is Great for Your Sex Life

Marijuana has been known to relax people and help them in getting the body ready for sex. Studies show that there is a significant link between marijuana and sexual desire. In a recent survey, it was seen that people who used marijuana had a higher sex drive by up to 20% and found the experience enhanced. Let us look at 5 ways marijuana is great for your sex life. 

Marijuana can heighten your libido 

Marijuana is known to boost sex drive in general. It contains a specific cannabinoid, THC, that can target a particular part of your brain, which is linked to sexual arousal in females. The natural endocannabinoid system of our bodies regulates things such as homeostasis, relaxation, pain, and pleasure. When you are more relaxed, you are able to actually experience various sensations associated with sex deeply. This enables you to actually want to have sex often and enjoy the experience, thereby heightening your libido.

Marijuana can help you in achieving a more satisfying experience

After using marijuana, people are found to be able to communicate their preferences to their partners with ease. People who have sex after using marijuana are known to be more relaxed. It is simply because after using marijuana, they put less pressure to perform and have lower performance anxiety. When you can be present at the moment, you get to communicate with your partner about your physical and emotional intimacies with more confidence. 

Marijuana can make sex more enjoyable

Since marijuana is linked to a more pleasurable experience and more sensations, it can make your sexual experience more enjoyable. People have been found to have lower anxiety and more creativity when they have sex after using marijuana. They are known to feel more, be more aware of their body, and can even experience orgasms more deeply. Marijuana can help you actually experience every single sensation that runs through your body, both before and during a sexual experience. Not only does this make sex more enjoyable, but it also helps you discover your likes and dislikes about the entire process and growing sexually.

unnamed 5 Ways Marijuana Is Great for Your Sex Life

Marijuana can increase blood circulation and relieve inflammation

When you use marijuana before sex, you can also benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties. Marijuana is widely known to increase blood circulation in all parts of your body. This allows you to be more aware of the sensations you experience during sex. Marijuana can also reduce inflammation, thereby helping in conditions such as chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis. This is linked to greater sexual arousal. 

Reduces sexual dysfunction among other relationship problems

When you have sex on marijuana, your mind tends to be calmer while your body tends to be more sensitive. For people who suffer from relationship problems or sexual dysfunction, marijuana can smoothen their sex life easier by offering you a more profound and more enlightened foreplay experience. This means that you have a higher chance of beating sexual dysfunction by letting things take their course while enjoying the experience. 


Marijuana is known to help people in getting relaxed and reduce anxiety. If you are more relaxed before having sex, you will be able to be present at the moment without worrying about your performance. Performance anxiety is among the leading sexual problems that many people have to deal with across the globe. Using marijuana can help you in heightening your sexual libido and communicating with your sexual partner about your preferences. You also get the confidence to use your creativity and are able to explore yourself sexually. The reasons listed above are studied and proven by research trials and therefore you can trust Marijuana for yoursex life.

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