Shatter is one of the most powerful, attractive and photogenic types of cannabis products available on the market. While a potent strain of weed may have THC levels that run at around 25% up to 30%, the THC content of shatter may reach a staggering 80%, making it ab excellent remedy to alleviate pain, anxiety and depression. The most popular way to smoke shatter is dabbing. This technique requires a dab rig, a specialized device with a glass banger or metal ‘nail’ attached to a water pipe.

Shatter is a type of marijuana extract and a term used to describe an extremely potent type of marijuana concentrate, known as butane hash oil (BHO). Shatter is formulated by extracting the cannabis flower’s essential oil, which contains the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other chemical compounds. The term ‘shatter’ refers to the unique texture of translucent cannabis concentrate that cracks and breaks like glass.

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