1:1 40MG THC:40MG CBD Cara-Melts


Experience Blissful Balance with Deadhead Chemist 1:1 40MG THC:40MG CBD Cara-Melts

At Deadhead Chemist, we believe that everyone deserves their own unique euphoria. Whether you’re seeking a sweeter side to life, looking to boost your creativity, or simply yearning for relaxation and rejuvenation, our Cara-Melts are here to make it happen. These bite-sized, delicious morsels are not just candies; they’re a ticket to your personal paradise.

▪ 8 pieces
▪ Each piece contains 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD
▪ Package contains a total of 40mg THC and 40 mg of CBD

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The Sweet Escape

Deadhead Chemist 1:1 40MG THC:40MG CBD Cara-Melts embody irresistible sweetness combined with the perfect blend of THC and CBD. With a 1:1 ratio of 40MG THC and 40MG CBD, these candies offer an exquisite balance that caters to your every desire. Say goodbye to the ordinary and indulge in the extraordinary.

Crafted for Your Pleasure

Made from pure, lab-tested THC and CBD extracts, Deadhead Chemist’s Cara-Melts are a testament to our commitment to quality. We use the finest ingredients and the utmost care to ensure that every bite delivers a consistent and exceptional dosage. When you choose Deadhead Chemist, you’re choosing excellence in every aspect.

Your Daily Delight

These candies are not just a treat but a daily dose of joy. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to THC and CBD, our Cara-Melts offer a delightful experience that’s impossible to resist. Embrace the balance, savour the flavour, and elevate your daily routine with Deadhead Chemist.

Your Journey to Euphoria Begins Here

Discover the exquisite balance of THC and CBD with Deadhead Chemist 1:1 40MG THC:40MG CBD Cara-Melts. Each candy is a step closer to your euphoria. Whether satisfying your cravings, igniting your creativity, or simply unwinding, our Cara-Melts are the perfect companion for your journey. Don’t wait; let the bliss begin today!


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