Crystal Cloud 9 Weed Grinder Canada

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Our 55mm Weed Grinder Canada 4 Piece grinder is mid-sized and is a small enough accessory to fit in your bag or pocket but large enough to be your current favourite herb grinder. 4 pieces create a very functional little grinder with razor-sharp curved diamond teeth that shred and fluff your herb effortlessly and quickly.

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Measurement: 55mm Diameter X 43mm Height. A perfect handheld size that is compact and easy to carry.

Special Design:  This stacked classic 4-piece weed grinder is not just equipped with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth to shred through your bud with ease; it also features a pollen screen and a kief catcher to filter and collect pollen dust. Storing your pollen dust for re-use is made easy with the included cleaning tool and closes tightly with a secure magnetic lid. 

High Quality and Durability: The material is strong aluminum to provide you with an optimal grinding experience.

4 reviews for Crystal Cloud 9 Weed Grinder Canada

  1. Treyyysmoke

    choose this metal grinder for the grand opening pack. did not regret my choose of accessories top notch quality. very excited to try out the different products you guys have thank youu guys for the extremely quick service

  2. Crystal Cloud 9 (store manager)

    You are very welcome 🙂 We are so happy you were able to take in our special Grand Opening promo and that you chose our metal grinder. It’s one of our best accessories – we hope that you get a lot of use out of it!

  3. Peter Pan (verified owner)

    received this as a gift but if I had known just how good this easy use is!! Shredded this green lettuce with ease. would recommend 100 %

  4. Zigidou (verified owner)

    Top grinder …very nice and goes very well…. 👌

  5. Tamus Ryan

    Got a friend that ordered one and I think I need one myself now! Great look and grinds well.

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