CBD Isolate


Crystal Cloud 9 provides the highest quality all-natural CBD Isolate, which is extracted from organic hemp strains and is regarded as the most beneficial form of cannabidiol with up to 99% purity.

The extraction method produces a clean, odourless and flavourless crystalline powder, giving you the ultimate flexibility when preparing your plant-based wellness regimen. Furthermore, it is THC-free, making it an ideal way to dose CBD without the “high” effects.

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CBD Isolate

We promote CBD Isolate for its versatility. It can be added to various food items such as smoothies, baking, drinks and other recipes or simply taken orally under the tongue. Its crystalline form makes it easy to work with as an added element or to add to your CBD tinctures to give them a lift. Another option is to add it to beauty products and lotions to reap the benefits of CBD or create your own CBD oil tinctures! Note that CBD is fat-soluble; therefore, it serves best when it can combine with other fats.


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