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Understanding 4-ACO-DMT

Scientifically known as N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, DMT is a psychoactive compound naturally occurring in certain plants, animals, and even the human brain. Some cultures have utilized DMT for ceremonial purposes, altering states of consciousness and mood. For instance, Amazonian tribes have incorporated DMT found in ayahuasca into their psychedelic experiences. DMT’s discovery credits Albert Hofmann, the same visionary behind LSD, and Franz Troxler, with Sandoz Limited patenting the drug in 1963.

Methods of Ingestion

Various methods exist for ingesting DMT, with many individuals opting for its crystalline form. Common approaches include smoking it through a pipe or bong or even injecting it. Both smoking and injecting yield powerful yet brief trips, often regarded as some of the most potent hallucinogenic experiences.

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Deadhead Chemist Microdose DMT 4-AcO-DMT: A Safer Alternative

Among the “grey market” research chemicals, 4-AcO-DMT stands out as a relatively safe option. This synthetic psychedelic tryptamine shares structural similarities with the molecules in “magic mushrooms,” namely psilocybin and psilocin.

Benefits of 4-ACO-DMT Microdosing

Exploring the world of 4-ACO-DMT microdosing offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Inner Peace: Experience a profound sense of tranquillity in mind and body.
  2. Positivity Enhancement: Elevate your mood and foster a greater understanding of positivity.
  3. Empathy and Community: Strengthen your capacity for empathy and enhance your connection with your community.
  4. Mental Clarity: Achieve mental clarity and rid your mind of negativity.
  5. Heightened Perception: Immerse yourself in intensified colours and enhanced physical perception.
  6. Energy and Drive: Feel energized and motivated to tackle life’s challenges.

How to Microdose with 4-ACO-DMT

4-ACO-DMT is typically available in crystalline or powdered form, suitable for various ingestion methods. The preferred and most straightforward approach is oral consumption, although it may not taste pleasant.

Remember that small milligram changes can significantly alter your experience when determining your dosage. Scientific analysis suggests that effective microdoses range between 0.5mg and 5mg. Beginners should start with lower doses, such as 1mg, and adjust accordingly. Due to the challenge of accurately measuring such tiny amounts, consider employing the volumetric microdosing method for precise dosing.

Volumetric Microdosing of 4-ACO-DMT

Ensure uniform and reliable microdoses by dissolving a specific amount in a liquid solution, which can be consumed gradually. For example, dissolving 25mg of 4-ACO-DMT in 25 ml of alcohol yields an answer with 1g of the substance per millilitre. Adjust the concentration as needed and administer it orally using a small blunt syringe. To prepare a 4-ACO-DMT solution for microdosing:

  1. Weigh out 25mg of 4-ACO-DMT with a precise milligram scale.
  2. Add the substance to a sterile amber glass containing 25ml of ethanol or ethyl alcohol.
  3. Seal the bottle, shake it, and leave it to stand overnight before storing it in a freezer.

When stored in ethanol at -4°F, this solution can last up to two years. However, it’s essential to note that solutions prepared with purified water degrade faster, especially with frequent freezing and thawing. To maintain substance quality, prepare solutions in small batches that align with your microdosing schedule.

Combining DMT with Other Substances

Be cautious when combining 4-AcO-DMT with other substances, as interactions can vary:

  • Alcohol: Combining alcohol with 4-AcO-DMT, especially in medium or large doses, may lead to adverse effects such as nausea, fatigue, and dehydration. However, small proportions of alcohol are considered safe and can reduce the intensity of DMT’s hallucinogenic effects.
  • Benzodiazepines: Benzodiazepines can wholly or partially reduce DMT’s cognitive and perceptual effects. They effectively decrease the potency of psychedelic substances but should be used cautiously due to their addictive nature.
  • Cannabis: Cannabis amplifies cognitive and sensory effects when consumed alongside DMT. Carefully manage the quantity of cannabis, especially if you have limited experience with psychedelics, as it can intensify.


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