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The Dong Kong THC Pastry from Herbivore Edibles is cannabis-infused chocolate like the Ding Dongs from our childhood but a mature version. It’s a cupcake coated in chocolate with a sweet, creamy white filling in the centre.

Regular Strength
Total package dosage: 150mg THC per piece
Pieces per package: 1 piece x 150mg THC per piece 

Extra Strength 
Total package dosage: 500mg THC
Pieces per package: 1 piece x 500mg THC per piece 


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Dong Kong THC Pastry


  • Do not mix THC edibles with alcohol or other controlled substances

Ingredients: Enriched bleached wheat flour, water, sugar corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable and/or animal shortening (soybean, cottonseed, and/or canola oil, beef fat), whole eggs, dextrose, cocoa, soy lecithin, leavenings, whey, modified corn starch, glucose, soy flour, salt, monoi and diglycerides, corn starch, cellulose gum, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sorbic acid (to retain freshness), polysorbate 60, natural and artificial flavours, calcium and sodium caseinate, soy protein isolate, yellow 5, red 40.

1 review for Dong Kong THC Pastry – Herbivores Edibles

  1. maddy

    This tastes SO good. I got the high dosage one and still have half left. Use with caution – the effects came on slower but all at one time! Great body high

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