Fiji Island Magic Mushrooms

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The trips from the Fiji Island Magic Mushrooms have been described as revelatory and insightful, imparting powerful lessons that remain even after the experience has passed. The experience is much like a journey to the actual islands. When fully grown, the Fiji Island Mushroom is medium-sized and beautifully elegant. From a scientific view, all Psilocybe Cubensis are alike, but they differ slightly in appearance and fruiting speed.


There are numerous “magic mushroom” strains attributed to the other strains with different phenotypes. From the magnificent tropical island of Fiji, this lovely mushroom can thrive in even suboptimal conditions that are so common in the amateur growing setup. They are robust against changing conditions where even the slightest chance to their environment could damage a more sensitive strain.

Fiji Island Dosage Recommendations:

The effects are felt 10-30 minutes after consuming, and the high lasts between 3-6 hours.

Mild Experience (recommended for beginners): 0.05 gram to 1 gram

Moderate Experience: 1.25 grams to 2 grams

Strong Experience: 2.3 grams to 3.5 grams

Depending on the dosage, users report mild to intense effects and sensations from nature appearing alive, hallucinations, unlocking more in-depth doors of perception and finding themselves introspective. 

Warning: Do not mix with controlled substances and especially alcohol.

1 review for Fiji Island Magic Mushrooms

  1. gotpang

    Tried a small amount just to try this strain. Can’t let the people fully know how the trip was, as I would need to take a larger amount for sure. But if you’re looking to micro-dose and still function, 0.5 -> 1g should do the trick depending on your tolerance levels. Next time I want to take between 3.5 – 5g. I’ll drop another review when I take that trip!

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