Forbidden Fruit Shatter



Eve had the right idea, that is, if she were reaching for this unique Forbidden Fruit Shatter. This 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain is made by crossing two incredibly flavourful and effects-heavy Cherry Pie and Tangie to produce a well-balanced, delicious nighttime bud. Apples are nice and all, but we assure you that once you’ve tried this bud, you’ll have a difficult time imagining Eden with anything else.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Fruity, Lemon
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry

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THC percentage in this Indica-dominant flower regularly reaches 26% or more levels, giving users a potent high that starts in your head but rounds out with you couch-locked or asleep. As its heredity would suggest, this is a tasty bud packed with vibrant cherry sweetness, tropical fruitiness, citrus and pine notes, and a smooth musky aftertaste. The buds are covered in rich green trichomes, sticky resin, and a thin spattering of orange hairs to round out the aesthetic—the smells of pine, lemon, and cherry complement the rich colours of this forest green flower.

If Forbidden Fruit Shatter’s flavour profile didn’t get you, the high surely will. This nightcap bud builds through the head and neck, making its way to the rest of your body with an almost tranquillizer-like relaxation and will almost immediately give you that sleepy feeling. This smooth burning flower gives users a break from coughing fits and induces an instantly chill mind, great for relaxing at the end of the day. Though it won’t knock you out right away, this strain is euphoric and uplifting but strives to give you a good night’s sleep.

Due to factors out of our power, such as the summer heat, humidity and time, there is a chance that the Forbidden Fruit Shatter you ordered could turn to budder or wax when you receive it.

Shatter turning to wax or budder is common when exposed to heat; however, it does not make the Shatter less safe or potent in this form. If anything, the terpenes and aromatics will be more present if this happens, and the flavour is improved.

*Kindly note that we do not offer any reimbursement or refunds if your Forbidden Fruit Shatter turns to budder or wax.


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