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THC 22-24%

AAA | Indica | 

GMO is an Indica dominant strain (90 Indica/10 Sativa) has the hype behind it, backed by THC, for users driven by a wild obsession to taste its unique spicy flavour. The Indica can put you down and knock you out, wielding a somewhat mysterious genetic lineage against the stresses of your brain. Divine Genetics formed GMO and locked its sights on experienced users, those who don’t mind a little extra spice (and extra kick). The strain technically is a genetically altered organism, but not the type you should avoid in fast food. As long as your tolerance is high, your satisfaction will be more.

FLAVOURS: Coffee, Fruity, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted


Appearance & Aroma

GMOs produce in foxtails, with slender buds that grow densely and elongated bodies shaped like peppers. The gnarled, deep green and purple colas give off images of the outdoors, chemical pine, and other gasses. Its terpenes favour Caryophyllene and Myrcene, which deliver the smell and the spicy kick.

Once you get your hands on the coveted 90% Indica GMO, you’ll be able to feel its reported origins as a phenotype of a cross between GSC X Chemdawg. The unique smell has earned GMO the nickname “Garlic Cookies.” The fragrance starts with a layer of rubber, gas, and chemical goodness, transforming into earthy spices like grassy, spicy pine. GMO is a strain for people used to funk and ready for more; let’s put it that way.

Effects & Benefits

As for GMO’s effects, we recommend using this during the night when you don’t have much else going on. It’ll woo you into relaxing by 24% THC levels (some test as high as 30%), feeling euphoric and sleepy. You can remain in the euphoria for as long as you want, hours if you need it, but you’ll be setting down couch roots while you wait, asleep before you know it.

Anxiety and nausea are no match for the GMO strain. This strain’s effects can be excellent for treating pain disorders (it can even reduce inflammation). Even eating disorders can be dispelled on a regular diet of Garlic Cookies.

The sour, thick buds burst with resinous trichomes that attract and deter passionate trimmers. In about nine weeks, it can pull in stunning crops that look and smell the part of a stinky but satisfying weed. As long as you can handle the spicy cocktail of flavours and verging-on-maddening THC levels, GMO should be on your stress-relief diet.

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  1. Magneto

    This stuff is insane. The quality of the buds, the trichome coverage is awesome. Really good herb

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