High Dose – Tangerine THC Gummies 1000mg


Unleash the laidback vibes of the West Coast surfers, skaters, and dreamers with High Dose – Tangerine THC Gummies 1000mg. These edibles are crafted for the sole purpose of having a blast and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

In a world where cannabis is often portrayed as a health and wellness elixir, we at High Dose believe in embracing the old-school joy of sharing an edible with friends and unwinding without care. While we respect the pursuit of wellness, we also know that there’s a time and place for good weed simply being a good weed. That’s why we created High Dose gummies — delectable treats infused with the highest quality THC available, all with one goal: creating an incredible experience.

High Dose – Tangerine THC Gummies 1000mg

  • Contains 1 gummy, 1000mg THC in total
  • Please be aware this is a very high THC product. 

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High Dose Tangerine gummies are your ticket to an unforgettable journey. Each bite bursts with the tantalizing tang of tangerine, transporting you to a world of citrusy delight. Made with meticulous attention to quality, our gummies are infused with a f*ck-ton (excuse our French) of premium THC, ensuring a potent and consistent high.

Indulge in High Dose Tangerine gummies at your leisure, whether you’re enjoying a solo session or sharing the experience with friends. But be warned, these gummies pack a punch, so cancel your plans and steer clear of public outings unless you’re aiming for a Kony 2012-level adventure.

At High Dose, we celebrate the unapologetic pursuit of enjoyment. We believe that cannabis can be a catalyst for fun, relaxation, and creating lasting memories. So grab a pack of High Dose – Tangerine THC Gummies 1000mg and embark on a journey filled with laughter, good vibes, and unforgettable experiences.

Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance between wellness and pure enjoyment. Elevate your cannabis experience with High Dose – Tangerine THC Gummies 1000mg. Get ready to have a blast!


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