LSD Edible 100ug Lollipop Deadhead Chemist


LSD Edible 100ug Lollipop Deadhead Chemistt: A Taste of Psychedelic Bliss

Experience a new dimension of pleasure with our LSD Edible 100ug Lollipops from Deadhead Chemist. Specially crafted based on our members’ requests, these lollipops offer a flavorful journey into the world of psychedelic delights. Available in Watermelon, Orange, Lemon, Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry, each lollipop is a unique ticket to a mind-expanding experience.


  • 100ug Potency: Each lollipop packs a punch with 100ug of LSD, providing a balanced dose for a captivating journey. Whether you’re a seasoned psychonaut or a curious explorer, this potency ensures a memorable experience.
  • Diverse Flavors: Indulge your taste buds with a variety of flavours. Choose from Watermelon, Orange, Lemon, Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry to enhance your psychedelic experience. The fusion of taste and perception creates a multisensory adventure.
  • Handle with Care: To preserve the integrity of the edible, it’s essential to avoid direct contact with bare hands. Wear gloves or use a tweezer for handling. This meticulous approach ensures that you fully enjoy the intended effects.
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Benefits of LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide):

Beyond the sensory delights, LSD has garnered attention for its potential therapeutic benefits. Research suggests that LSD, at a dosage of 100ug, has been linked to positive outcomes in individuals dealing with various mental disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alcoholism, depression, and cluster headaches.

Moreover, psychedelics, including LSD, have been associated with promoting neurite growth and synaptic plasticity. These properties contribute to enhanced cognitive function and mental well-being. LSD exhibits potent anti-inflammatory activity and has shown therapeutic effects in animal models of inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

How to Enjoy LSD Edible 100ug Lollipops:

  1. Choose Your Flavor: Select from the enticing flavours of Watermelon, Orange, Lemon, Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry.
  2. Handle with Care: Ensure you wear gloves or use a tweezer when handling the lollipops to maintain their potency.
  3. Set the Scene: Create a comfortable and safe environment for your psychedelic journey.
  4. Mindful Consumption: Enjoy the lollipop slowly, savouring the taste and the unfolding sensations.
  5. Explore Your Mind: Allow the LSD to guide you on a unique journey of self-discovery and heightened perception.


Elevate your senses and embark on a flavorful adventure with LSD Edible 100ug Lollipops from Deadhead Chemist. Indulge in the mesmerizing fusion of taste and psychedelic experience. Remember to handle with care and embrace the potential therapeutic benefits that LSD offers. Choose your flavour, immerse yourself in the journey, and discover the extraordinary with every lick.



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