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If you’re a fan of chocolate, then Nutella & Go is the perfect snack for you! This delicious treat combines creamy, chocolatey Nutella spread and crispy breadsticks, making it the ideal balance of sweet and salty flavours.

One of the best things about Nutella & Go is its convenience. These snacks come in individual packages, perfect for on-the-go snacking or packing in a lunchbox. But Nutella & Go isn’t just convenient – it’s also incredibly delicious. The smooth, creamy texture of the Nutella spread pairs perfectly with the crunchy texture of the breadsticks, creating a snack that is both satisfying and indulgent.

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Nutella & Go is also an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a snack that is relatively low in calories. Each package contains only 240 calories, making it an ideal option for anyone watching their weight or trying to make healthier food choices.

Of course, one of the best things about Nutella & Go is the quality of the ingredients that go into each package. Nutella spread is made from high-quality ingredients like hazelnuts, cocoa, and skim milk, while the breadsticks are made from flour, yeast, and other wholesome ingredients.

Another great thing about Nutella & Go is the fact that it comes in a variety of different flavours. In addition to the classic Nutella and breadsticks combination, you can find Nutella & Go with pretzels and even mini wafers. This means that there is a flavour combination to suit every taste and preference.

Nutella & Go is also a great choice for anyone looking for a snack suitable for a wide range of dietary restrictions. The original Nutella spread is gluten-free, making it an excellent option for gluten-sensitive people. And with the increasing demand for vegan options, Nutella & Go offers a vegan version made with plant-based ingredients.

In conclusion, Nutella & Go is the perfect snack for anyone who loves chocolate and wants a delicious and convenient treat. With its creamy, chocolatey Nutella spread and crispy breadsticks, Nutella & Go is the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours. Nutella & Go is the ideal snack for anyone on the go. So why not try it out today and indulge in the rich, creamy goodness of Nutella & Go?

Sugar, palm oil, HAZELNUTS (13%), skimmed MILK powder (8.7%), fat-reduced cocoa (7.4%), emulsifier: lecithin (SOYA), vanilla, wheat flour, palm oil, salt, BARLEY malt extract, baker’s yeast.

2 reviews for Nutella & Go

  1. kenneth84

    The Nutella itself was rich, smooth and had the perfect amount of sweetness. The breadsticks provided a satisfying crunch and were a great complement to the creamy chocolate hazelnut spread. I also appreciated that the serving size was just right – not too much, not too little.

  2. Tamus Ryan

    These are bomb after ripping some tokes! Gotta love some snacks after a bowl!

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