Pink Kush Budder

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The Pink Kush Indica-dominant cannabis strain 90% Indica/10% Sativa is popular, has a loyal fan base, and is on the top heavy-hitting Indica list. It has a distinct “kushy” scent; some define it as piney/citrusy, earthy/peppery, or sweet/creamy. No matter how you describe it, when that aroma hits your nose, you’ll remember it. Pink Kush is legendary amongst users for its reputed sedative effects, making it a prime choice for users experiencing insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety.

FLAVOURS: Floral, vanilla, pungent, spice
EFFECTS: Relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, sleepy


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Pink Kush Budder

Budder is a wax-concentrate variation and is one of the most widespread forms of concentrates on the cannabis market.

Budder wax is created when the extracted cannabinoids start to crystallize after being agitated through the extraction method. By purging it at a greater temperature or mixing it like batter, the concentrate transforms into the waxy substances that many users sprinkle in joints, dab, put in bowls, vaporizers, and enjoy today.

Storing Budder:

  • The concentrate should be stored in an air-tight container, like a glass or silicone jar, in a dark and cool environment to ensure long and stable shelf life.
  • Moisture, light, oxygen, and storing the budder in hotter temperatures will degrade quality more quickly.


1 review for Pink Kush Budder

  1. Michael Lawrenz (verified owner)

    not as potent as i would like but ok product

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