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Psychedelic Duo

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In a world that constantly seeks innovative avenues for well-being and self-exploration, our Psychedelic Duo emerges as a potent fusion of two magical components – 14 grams of Raw Magic Mushrooms and the exquisite Deadhead Chemist Milk Chocolate Bar (3000mg). Crafted with meticulous care, this duo caters to those looking to enhance their daily routines through microdosing or delve into the profound realms of self-discovery.

This duo includes your choice of:

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Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms


In stock

Jedi Mind Fuck Magic Mushrooms


Keepers Creeper Magic Mushrooms


Fiji Island Magic Mushrooms


Golden Teacher


Blue Meanie


Temporarily unavailable

In stock


Why Choose Our Psychedelic Duo?

Versatility for Every Lifestyle: Our Psychedelic Duo is designed to seamlessly integrate into various lifestyles. Whether you’re a microdosing advocate looking to incorporate the benefits of Magic Mushrooms into your daily regimen or someone keen on a deeper journey of self-discovery, this duo caters to all.

Exceptional Components: The Psychedelic Duo is a curated combination of 14 grams of Raw Magic Mushrooms and the Deadhead Chemist Milk Chocolate Bar (3000mg). Each component complements the other, providing a holistic experience that extends beyond traditional psychedelics.

What’s Included:

14 Grams Raw Magic Mushrooms Strain: Handpicked for their quality and potency, the 14 grams of Raw Magic Mushrooms included in our duo offer a unique blend that caters to a spectrum of experiences. From heightened creativity to increased mindfulness, these mushrooms contribute to an enriched daily routine.

Deadhead Chemist Milk Chocolate Bar (3000mg): Indulge your senses with the Deadhead Chemist Milk Chocolate Bar, infused with 3000mg of magic. This delightful treat not only masks the natural taste of Magic Mushrooms but also provides a delicious and convenient way to consume them. It’s a perfect fusion of pleasure and purpose.

Special Offer: For a limited time, our Psychedelic Duo is available at the exclusive price of $95, marked down from the regular $139. Embrace the opportunity to explore the potential within yourself without breaking the bank. This special offer ensures that you not only receive a premium product but also enjoy significant savings.

How to Make the Most of the Psychedelic Duo:

Microdosing: Integrate the Psychedelic Duo into your daily routine for subtle yet impactful benefits. Microdosing has gained popularity for its potential to enhance mood, focus, and overall well-being without inducing a full psychedelic experience.

Deep Dive into Self-Discovery: For those seeking a more profound exploration, the Psychedelic Duo provides a gateway to self-discovery. Set aside a dedicated time, create a comfortable environment, and allow the magic to unfold as you embark on a journey within.

Conclusion: new facets of yourself with this carefully curated combination. Act now to seize the opportunity to acquire the Psychedelic Duo at the special price of $95 – a gateway to a world of enhanced well-being and self-discovery.


1 review for Psychedelic Duo

  1. jlogan

    I got the cookies/cream and blue meanie mushrooms and enjoyed both products! I’ve been enjoying the world of magic mushrooms lately and I liked that this combo offered both the chocolate bar and raw at a good price =) I had a good time sharing one of the bars with a friend of mine and we got into some deep talks and helped us open up and connect. The classic hershey Cookies and cream are one of my all time favourites too and these were just as yummy. Thank you for the quality products guys. I’ll be trying the other chocolate bar flavours soon!

  2. Crystal Cloud 9 (store manager)

    Sounds like you had an amazing time with your friend. That’s nice to hear the chocolate bar helped you both open up. Let us know if you need any other recommendations – it is our pleasure to help you!

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