Puff Boyz 400mg CBD Milk Chocolate Bites


Prepare to delight in the perfect fusion of velvety milk chocolate and the therapeutic virtues of CBD with Puff Boyz 400mg CBD Milk Chocolate Bites. These delectable chocolates are crafted for those seeking to savour the medicinal benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects. Let’s embark on a journey into the world of Puff Boyz CBD Milk Chocolate Bites and understand why they’re an exceptional addition to your daily well-being routine.

Puff Boyz 400mg CBD Milk Chocolate Bites

  • Contains 400mg CBD per package
  • 5 Pieces per package (80mg CBD per piece)

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Luxurious Milk Chocolate Sensation:

Puff Boyz has masterfully combined the indulgence of milk chocolate with the healing properties of CBD. Each bite is a symphony of flavours that will gratify your senses while delivering the advantages of CBD.

Personalized Dosage:

These chocolates offer a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Each 400mg package comprises five chocolates, each infused with 80mg of CBD. This flexibility allows you to tailor your daily CBD intake to suit your needs.

Crafted with Care:

Puff Boyz 400mg CBD Milk Chocolate Bites are not simply CBD-infused; they are carefully handcrafted with love and precision. Premium distillate extract is expertly infused during the cooking process, ensuring that each chocolate adheres to the highest quality standards. Handmade affectionately in beautiful British Columbia, these chocolates reflect a dedication to excellence.

Optimal Consumption:

To fully appreciate the effects, it’s advisable to allow 90 minutes before considering an additional dose. For enhanced absorption, savour these delightful bites with food. This ensures that you obtain the maximum benefits from each chocolate.

Effortless Storage:

To uphold the quality of your Puff Boyz 400mg CBD Milk Chocolate Bites, store them in a cool, dry place. Proper storage guarantees you consistently encounter the same delectable taste and therapeutic potency with each chocolate.

In conclusion, Puff Boyz 400mg CBD Milk Chocolate Bites provide a delicious and effective means of integrating CBD into your daily wellness regimen. With precise dosages, painstaking handcrafting, and the sumptuous flavour of milk chocolate, these chocolates merge the best of both worlds. Relish the complete medical benefits of CBD without compromising on taste. Make Puff Boyz CBD Milk Chocolate Bites a part of your everyday well-being journey today.


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