Why I am Not Getting High Anymore

Every wonder why you are not achieving the state of high with your cannabis like you used to have before? May be you are buying a poor quality of weed. May be you are doing it wrong.

In this article, we will walk through such reasons to find out why you are not getting high anymore. Let’s get started.

Is This Weed or What?

Take a close look at the tobacco you’re smoking and how you’re smoking it before anything else. Are you a strict cannabis user? Do you fill your blunts, bongs, and joints only with freshly ground marijuana? The fact that many marijuana users combine their flower with a variety of different fillers, such as various types of herbs and tobacco, may then come as a surprise to you. While doing so extends the life of a cache and adds a marginally distinct effect, it can also interfere with your high. Make sure you put in enough marijuana while rolling joints if you use a lot of tobacco to get a noticeable high.

You must make sure that the marijuana you are consuming is, in fact, marijuana. Contrary to popular belief, con artists, or as they are also called, oregano salesman, frequently emerge from the underworld.

Are You Smoking Stems or Leaves?

In jurisdictions where the possession, purchasing, and cultivation of marijuana are now legal or at least decriminalized, millions of marijuana users presently reside. Well done to them. However, millions of people are still trapped in the past. If you don’t produce your own cannabis, you will have to purchase it from dealers and poor growers (and risk going to prison for doing so).

Without a doubt, some cannabis sold on the underground market works. Some cultivators have raised their level to create big, juicy buds utilizing an organic method because they sincerely aim for quality. Others, on the other hand, are more interested in getting rich quick than they are in expanding. Bad weed and heavy sacks comprised of leaves and stems are the result of this. Although there may be some terpenes and cannabinoids in these plant components, they are far less abundant than buds.

The Age of Your Weed:

How old, exactly, is the marijuana you’re puffing? When stored in bad circumstances from the start, the chemical components in cannabis decay faster the longer they are exposed to air, extreme temperatures, and light. You can experience a very little psychoactive impact that isn’t as euphoric or strong as usual if you’re smoking weed that is fairly old. This is primarily because the majority of the THC has converted to CBN, which doesn’t produce the normal high associated with cannabis.

How about poor hash? It might be difficult to find high-quality hash, especially when buying it on the illicit market. Beeswax, solvents, and even coffee are examples of additives used in certain products that have a bad taste and reduce the euphoric effects intended by lowering the proportion of cannabinoids.

The Quality of THC:

Each strain’s unique cannabinoid profile serves as the basis for its possible benefits. THC-rich buds give off a traditional high that causes euphoria, munchies, laughs, and good times. However, not all strains contain enough THC to cause intoxication. Modern cannabis breeding has produced strains with astronomically high CBD content and nearly no THC at all. These buds have the exact same appearance as ones that contain THC, but they won’t make you high. Other strains have an equal amount of each cannabinoid. These will give you a mild high, however the effects of CBD will partially neutralise the euphoric effects of THC.

The Frequency of Smoking:

You probably need to smoke more if you’re new to cannabis and you’re not baking. That is very tragic! THC in little dosages has a modest effect, but you may need more of the cannabinoid to get that real, authentic high.

Roll larger joints, choose THC-rich strains, and use a bong bowl rather than a spliff to consume your cannabis. Although you don’t have to go all out, you can start by smoking the same quantity as usual and then push the envelope a little to avoid having a negative experience.

When the Art of Inhaling Goes Wrong:

If you can’t get high, you might need to improve your marijuana smoking technique. Do you recall how sleazy Bill Clinton claimed he smoked marijuana but “didn’t inhale”? Don’t do that, I repeat. Many inexperienced marijuana users have complained that joints “simply don’t get them high,” but if you smoke them correctly, joints may truly burn you.

Smoke should be inhaled into your mouth and then farther into your lungs; this will allow the cannabinoids to reach your alveoli and quickly enter your bloodstream.

A beginner might feel it difficult and unpleasant at first, however, the more you do it, the more yuour body deal with the warning signs and realise it is about tog get treated to a dose of THC.

When Stress Comes between You and Your Euphoria:

euphoria Why I am Not Getting High Anymore

Stress has surprising effects on the psyche. Many of the physiological and psychological effects of stress are well-understood by science, but there is still much that is unknown. We are aware that stress alters hormone production in the body, causes tension, and skyrockets cortisol and adrenaline levels. Weak effects from marijuana can result from changes in our baseline condition brought on by deadlines, bills, and personal difficulties.

Try to relax. Before you light up, take a stroll or a brisk run to release your own happy endocannabinoids. Pre-joint meditation can help you unwind and reduce tension. Aim for 10 minutes. Alternately, have a conversation. Take a seat with a handful of your closest pals, share a joint, and let go of your emotional burden.

You are Just too Full:

You will be familiar with how strong THC strikes if you have ever smoked a lot of marijuana on an empty stomach while your blood sugar levels are dropping. Contrarily, consuming too much food might lessen the effects of the cannabis high. As a result, seasoned users sometimes eat a substantial meal before engaging in heavy smoking to reduce the likelihood of passing out.

Before getting high, eat something, but choose something light. Choose a low-carb snack or dinner; a protein source and a side of vegetables will provide your body with nutrients without significantly raising blood sugar levels.

We hope that you must have got your answer why you are not getting high anymore. It boils down to key things like buying quality weed and learning the right ways to consume it. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!

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