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Best Movies to Watch When You’re High on Marijuana

If you’re looking to make the most of your marijuana high, try watching one of these movies while you blaze up! From romantic comedies to wild thrillers, this list has it all. And with titles like Trainspotting and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, you know you’ll be entertained! So, grab some munchies and check out our list of movies to watch when you’re high on marijuana.


Enter the Void

Untitled 12 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

This movie is the perfect watch when you’re high on marijuana. It’s trippy, mind-bending, and will leave you feeling incredibly stoned. The visuals are amazing, and the story is fascinating. You’ll be entranced from beginning to end.  Enter the Void is a French drama film directed by Gaspar Noé that follows a young American drug dealer named Oscar who was born in Tokyo, Japan. As he dies during an exchange with police officers, his soul leaves his body and enters into an otherworldly dimension.


The Tree of Life

Untitled 13 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

The Tree of Life is a Terrence Malick film that uses both avant-garde and traditional storytelling techniques to explore the origins and meaning of life. The movie is visually stunning, with beautiful cinematography and special effects. It’s also a bit strange, and may not make much sense if you’re not paying attention. But if you are high, it’s the perfect movie to watch. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

The Lord of the Rings

Untitled 14 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

There’s something about this movie that just makes it the perfect film to watch when you’re high. The fantastical world, the characters, and the story are all so captivating that you can’t help but be drawn in. And, of course, the special effects are amazing. If you haven’t seen this movie while high, you’re missing out.  Whether you smoke before or after watching the movie is up to you, but no matter what time of day it is, this is a great film for watching with marijuana. One thing I would say is avoid any big popcorn during a night-time viewing as your eyes will want to close after an hour or two without noticing.

This Is the End

Untitled 15 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

This movie is the perfect balance of funny and stupid, making it a great watch when you’re high. The plot is simple enough to follow, but complex enough to keep you engaged, and the characters are all lovable (or hateable) in their own ways. Plus, the ending will leave you feeling satisfied.


Super High Me

Untitled 16 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

Super High Me is an exiting film to watch when you are high with weed. The film tells the story of a man who decides to smoke weed for 30 days straight to see how it will affect his life. The movie is funny, thought-provoking, and will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about marijuana. If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and think, then this is the perfect film for you. 

Billy Madison

Untitled 17 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

Billy Madison is the perfect movie to watch when you’re high on marijuana. Adam Sandler plays Billy, a 27-year-old who has to go back to elementary school to prove he’s not a total idiot before he can take control of his dad’s business from his smarmy nemesis. The movie is hilarious, and Sandler’s performance is spot-on. You’ll be laughing all night long. 

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

Untitled 18 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

Jay and Silent Bob are two stoners who live in New Jersey. They spend their days smoking weed, hanging out at the local convenience store, and getting into trouble. One day, they find out that a movie is being made about them, and they set out to Hollywood to stop it from being made. Along the way, they meet a variety of colorful characters and have a series of wacky adventures. The movie is hilarious and sure to please any stoner.

Super Troopers

Untitled 19 Best Movies to Watch When You're High on Marijuana

You best hide your weed if you ever travel through rural Vermont on your trip to Canada. 

The amusing highway patrolmen from Broken Lizard fight with the neighbourhood police, chase down cartoon monkey drug dealers, and play about with stoners’ heads throughout the entire film. 

Or really anyone’s head at this very moment.


Other Recommended Movies that are Not Included in This List of Stoner’s Favourite

  1. Once Upon a Time in America – This movie is very long, but it’s an amazing story about childhood friends who grow up in the mob. 
  2. The Goodfellas – Another great movie about the mob, but this one is based on a true story. 
  3. Casino – This movie is also about the mob, but set in Las Vegas instead of New York. 
  4. Blow – This is the true story of how cocaine became such a big business in the 1980s. 
  5. Scarface – This movie is about a Cuban refugee who becomes a powerful drug lord in Miami. 
  6. Traffic – This movie shows the drug war from different perspectives.


Over to You…

So, these are some best movies you can watch when you are high on weed. Well, there are lot other options too, but the list is there as it can be overwhelming to pick one when you’re in that altered state of mind! This list offers ten movies to watch when you’re high on marijuana, which will give you an entertaining experience that matches your altered mood.

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