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What are Magic Mushrooms, and Why are they Popular in Canada?

Magic mushrooms are also referred to as Psilocybin Mushrooms. They are popular in Canada because they offer a range of health benefits. 

The mushrooms have anti-inflammatory, cognitive enhancer, and depression-boosting properties. 

They are also said to be helpful facilitates better sleep, improving appetite, and reducing anxiety and stress. 

They are a good choice for people who want to try something new, who are looking for a psychedelic experience, or for those who want to improve their mood. 

In this blog we will discuss why are shrooms popular in Canada?

Magic mushrooms, also called shrooms, are wild mushrooms containing psilocybin as the active element. 

There are many misconceptions about magic mushrooms

In fact, some people believe that they can cause serious health issues. This is simply not true. 

The dangers of using mushrooms are due to modern chemicals and their abuse, not the mushrooms themselves. 

In 1979 and 1980, newspaper articles expressed concern that mushrooms were dangerous. However, these claims were ultimately disproved. Today, the federal justice department is required by law to make possessing magic mushrooms illegal. 

Benefits of Magic Mushrooms 

Some of the benefits of shrooms include: 

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased emotional intensity 
  • Reduced anxiety and depression 
  • Improved appetite Weight loss



The legality of magic mushrooms in Canada has been a topic of discussion for some time now

Although federal law prohibits the sale of these substances, some Vancouver store owners are selling them anyway. 

In 1982, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that possessing dried mushrooms containing psilocybin constituted possession of a controlled substance. 

Since that ruling, it has been illegal to buy, possess, or sell magic mushrooms in Canada. 

However, despite the illicit status of magic mushrooms, they are still widely used and popular recreational drugs. 

Although the laws are strict in Canada, new research has shown that magic mushrooms can have therapeutic effects, helping people with addictions and alleviating symptoms of depression.

psilocybin mushrooms What are Magic Mushrooms, and Why are they Popular in Canada?


Growing pattern 

The magic mushroom grows in a cluster in various substrates, including soil. The mushrooms’ mycelium (root) helps to facilitate microfiltration and absorb nutrients from the soil. 

It also serves as an organic filter for water and soil. The mushroom’s growing pattern is useful to the home gardener because it can grow in various substrates. 

There are several species of magic mushrooms. These vary in their growth patterns and psilocybin and norbaeocystin contents. 

Some varieties contain additional bioactive alkaloids, such as baeocystin, a synthetic analog of norbaeocystin. 

Side effects 

While the positive side effects of magic mushrooms are often well worth the risk, there are also potential negative ones. 

These substances are not regulated, and it can be challenging to know how strong they are. 

As with any unprocessed substance, it’s essential to consult with a medical practitioner before consuming them.


Common strains 

There are many types of magic mushrooms. The most common is the liberty bell and the white cap. 

Liberty bell mushrooms are often found in grassy, damp fields and are considered highly potent. 

Their caps are conical and vary in diameter from five to twenty-five millimeters

When they are young, they have remnants of a partial veil. They also have white stems and purple-black spore prints. 

The most common variety is Psilocybe semilanceata, which grows throughout North America and northern Europe. 

Other types of magic mushrooms can be found growing in South America and Australia.



In conclusion, magic mushrooms are a popular hallucinogenic drug in Canada because of their hallucinogenic qualities and potential to produce strong hallucinations.

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