Mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms

Can You Mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms?

Both cannabis and magic mushrooms have distinct properties. Also, they carry their advantages and disadvantages.

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you mix cannabis and magic mushrooms?

Mixing both these items is not a piece of cake. Instead, it can produce unpredictable results.

In this blog, we will discuss the detailed properties of cannabis and magic mushrooms and also let you know what will happen when mixing them. Stay tuned! To know the remarkable information.

About Cannabis

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Cannabis, also called marijuana comprises more than 100 cannabinoids of different types.

This plant offers medicinal as well as recreational benefits. Parts of this plant, such as dried leaves, stems, flowers, seed oil, etc. for this purpose.

Also, cannabis is believed to cause a soothing effect that can serve as an aid for symptoms such as relief from chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, and some symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis also constitutes some mind-alerting ingredients, depending on how it is grown.

Most of them have THC, which can make you high as THC appears to affect areas of the mind that are responsible to control

  • Memory
  • Response Time
  • The posture of body and coordination of body and mind.

There are some other cannabinoids as well that can weaken the effect of THC

There are many ways of using cannabis. It includes:

  • Eating raw
  • By smoking
  • Brewing like coffee or tea
  • Applying externally as a topical treatment
  • Intake in the form of medicine
  • Consuming along with other edible products

On account of intake of cannabis, you may experience the following effects:

  • The high feeling of elation
  • Ease of anxiety or relaxation
  • A sudden increase in appetite
  • Feeling more talkative
  • If you get addicted to cannabis, you may suffer from
  • Poor immune system
  • Gum disease
  • Loss in memory
  • Impairment of making a judgment
  • Testicular cancer

About Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms, also called shrooms, are wild mushrooms containing psilocybin as the active element.

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring proactive compound and one of the most popular psychedelics.

This fungus causes stimulating effects on the mind and body. It has intense causes such as

  • Visual hallucinations
  • Imaginary time and place visualization
  • Strong emotional imbalances
  • Sudden fear
  • Side effects of a magic mushroom include
  • Nausea
  • Lethargic effects
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Shivering or sweating
  • High body temperature

Why should you mix cannabis and mushrooms?

Although both magic mushroom and weed are naturally occurring substances, the former is enriched with psilocybin which is a mind-altering substance, and the latter contains tetrahydrocannabinol.

Together they are mixed for the following reasons:

  • If you wish to experience a more potent high
  • To counterbalance some negative drug with another and experience enhanced positive results
  • Also, to secure that former drug work for long, you can take a psychedelic drug
  • Some also believe that shrooms and cannabis complement each other very well.

Effects of mixing magic mushrooms with cannabis

The result of making a mixture of weed and shrooms depends upon how you combine them.

For instance, mixing low THC strains of cannabis with psilocybin may result in an effective combination that can provide a synergistic effect on the body.

Also, weed can amplify the effect of magic mushrooms intending to keep a person calm.

When mushroom makes the person high, the calming effect of cannabis keeps the mood relaxed. Therefore who use this combination regularly find it satisfactory.

Let us now discuss some surprisingly amazing effects of combining magical mushrooms with cannabis.

Relief from anxiety

Anxiety and stress are unavoidable parts of our life. But when it becomes severe, it becomes difficult to manage routine tasks.

Chronic anxiety accompanies nausea, panic attacks as well an abnormal heartbeat.

As per the research, the psilocybin chemical present in magic mushrooms can significantly heal a person with anxiety. Also, it can make a person’s mental condition strong and boost the level of confidence.

Similarly, cannabis helps reduce stress and anxiety due to its anti-depression qualities.

Therefore, the mixture of the two components can be beneficial for alleviating stress and anxiety.

Improve gut health

Often unhealthy eating habits and anxiety affect the gut health of a person. Shroom’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties effectively deal with gastrointestinal tract issues.

Also, these mushrooms secrete spur bile juice, which further promotes proper digestive system functioning.

Similarly, cannabis is responsible for curing irritable bowel movements and other digestive tract diseases. This is also an effective solution for Crohn’s disease.

Blending shrooms and weeds may provide an additive response of anti-inflammatory properties and thus benefit gut health.

Develop strong immunity

A robust immune system is essential for everyone to fight the prevailing diseases.

According to the research, both cannabidiol and shrooms are good for providing strong immunity due to their high anti-inflammatory properties.

So, by merging these two, they can offer you remarkable immunity.

Boost energy

Due to an unbalanced routine, most people experience fatigue

Mixing weed and magic mushrooms might boost energy and speed the recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue.


Naturally occurring drugs like cannabis and magic mushroom have surprising facts, as discussed above.

But you must consult about healthcare providers to avoid any adverse effects of its usage in the future.

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