New to Herb? A Beginner’s Guide to Using Cannabis in Canada

Are you trying Cannabis or marijuana for the very first time? Looking to buy hash online or from a weed dispensary but have no idea how to do it?

Well, you are not alone as there are many Canadians who get to experience “weed” for the very first time. Thanks to the legalization of weed in Canada.

You must be feeling excited. After all, it is your first time with the pot.

Being a first-timer to weed also means you have a lot of questions on your mind. Right?

“Where to buy Cannabis in Canada? How to use it? What if I get too high?

Above all—how will I feel after consuming cannabis?”

Fret not!

Here we have outlined important information on “herb” a beginner should know before buying a weed.

Buying Cannabis for the Very First Time:

The legalization of cannabis has triggered the mushroom growth of Cannabis shops throughout Canada.

You can buy marijuana from any of these Cannabis stores or dispensaries. Make sure you are of legal age for buying cannabis in Canada. In some provinces, the legal age to buy Cannabis is 18 years while some provinces require you to be at least 19 years old.

You can buy up to 30 grams of dried weed for personal use from any cannabis store in Canada or online. Buying it from an unauthorized dealer can make you subject to penalties.

Picking the Right Cannabis Product:

There are many ways to use cannabis. You can smoke it. It is also available as a topical oil. And you can eat it as your snack. Therefore, you need to determine in which form you want to use weed. When you buy hash online or offline, the most common way of getting started is by smoking dried flowers. The dried flowers are put into sticky and dense clumps known as buds. These buds are wrapped in special papers that can be pre-rolled or rolled by the consumer. These rolls are known as joints or spliffs.

Bong is another common way to smoke cannabis. It is a pipe attached to a water-filled bowl with an opening for the plant to be lit.

Cannabis is also available as oils for vaping or topical application.

Talking about the topical application of cannabis, the oil is applied to the skin to get relief from pain or discomfort. In vaping, the user takes a puff from the electronic pen-sized equipment that heats the oils or cannabis flowers.

And you can consume cannabis in the form of brownies, cookies and cakes too.

rolls dried marijuana hemp sacks dollar bills New to Herb? A Beginner’s Guide to Using Cannabis in Canada

Getting Familiar with the Expectations after Using Cannabis:

So what happens after taking Cannabis?

Being a first-time cannabis user, this question must be rankling on your mind.

Well, you get high after taking Cannabis.

You will experience a racy heart while your face will get a little flush. You might feel euphoric, anxious, sleepy, hungry, or all of them.

These symptoms will be coupled with dizziness, dry mouth and bloodshot eyes. These effects are more evident with edibles compared to smoking. This is because the body absorbs Cannabis slowly, making the effects last longer and stronger.

Knowing How Long it Takes to Get High:

It depends on how you consume Cannabis. Smoking is a quick way to get high as it delivers the weed to your bloodstream very quickly. It might take you 20 or 30 minutes to get high with cannabis edibles.

It is also determined by the level of Cannabis compounds like THC and CBD in your strains or products.

Knowing What Makes You Feel High with Cannabis:

Cannabis is a composition of more than 100 compounds that affect your neurons throughout the body once you consume it. THC is the strongest of them and can get you high more quickly than other compounds. The other key compound is CBD being known for its mild effects. Therefore, first-time users should start with the strains or products that only have 20 percent of THC.

Finding the Right Settings and Right People:

The public use of Cannabis is prohibited in almost all Canadian provinces. It calls you for smoking weed in your house or some discreet place far from public view. It is equally important to choose the right people to try Cannabis. Some of them should be experienced enough to guide you. Or it is better if you try it with people you trust.

Learning How to Reduce the Negative Effects of Cannabis:

If you experience anxiety, dizziness or nausea after taking cannabis, it means that you have got higher than you expect. Don’t worry!

Try to stay calm and remember that it’s a temporary feeling. It is better if you lay or sit down to relax. If you are with friends, let them know that you have gone overboard with Cannabis so that they can take care of you. Don’t try to drive.

There are some home remedies you can try to offset the Cannabis effects.

  • Take enough water to stay hydrated and minimize your dry mouth.
  • Keeping some black pepper handy can work if you are feeling anxiety and paranoia. Just sniff or chew on a few black peppercorns to get instant relief.
  • Distract yourself by watching cartoons; playing video games; talking to friends; and eating something delicious.
  • Cool down your body by jumping into a cold shower.
  • Running or performing other types of workouts can ease the stress caused by consuming too much cannabis. Exercising not only distracts you from the effects of cannabis but also fills your lungs with some fresh air. If you aren’t able to run, take a brisk walk.
  • Ginger tea can be a great aid as it can help with digestive symptoms and soothe an upset stomach.

Testing How Much You Can Hold Before Consuming a Pot:

It is better to get prepare for your cannabis session according to your tolerance level.

Start as low as 10 mg, especially when consuming edibles, and wait for at least an hour or two.

If it doesn’t produce the desired effect, increase it to 15 mg for your next consumption on some other day. Don’t jump up to 20 or more as it is fourfold the amount recommend for a beginner.

However, 10 mg can be too strong for some inexperienced consumers with smaller body types—they can start with 5 mg.

AND Cannabis is Not for Everyone….

People having a certain mental health conditions should avoid taking Cannabis. According to one study, taking Cannabis can induce negative symptoms like depression or schizophrenia among such people.

Using Cannabis is not also good for pregnant women.

Doctors have associated weed consumption during pregnancy with certain risks such as low birth weight, premature birth, small heath circumference, stillbirth and small length. Inhaling smoke can worsen your respiratory condition. It simply means that people with breathing-related conditions should avoid smoking weed.

People with high blood pressure or heart disease shouldn’t use Cannabis as it can raise the heartbeat.

Bottom Line:

We hope that this piece of the blog has helped you improve your basics about Cannabis as a beginner. It is all about buying the right strain from the right vendor.

Besides, make sure you are abiding by the cannabis laws. Know your limit as well as your surroundings while consuming Cannabis.

Well, this information is just the tip of the iceberg. For more info on Cannabis, keep reading our other blogs on cannabis.

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