Alice in Wonderland AAA

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THC 17-23%

AAA | Sativa

Alice in Wonderland is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid (85 Sativa/15 Indica) with euphoric cerebral abilities. The effects can best be described as a sensory overload with lows and highs of overwhelming happiness and deep relaxation. The opening burst is profoundly creative and will have users focused without the sidebar of anxiety that often comes with powerful Sativas. This strain is excellent for exploring the wilderness, so bring it hiking or camping and enjoy how satisfied you feel being lost in nature.

FLAVOURS: Lavender, Floral, Sweet, Vanilla, Earthy
EFFECTS: Creative, Energized, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed

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Curiouser and curiouser, it will have users saying. This psychedelic strain is suitably named for a deep fall down the rabbit hole. Though the precise genetics are not identified, Alice in Wonderland is said to be a descendant of Willy’s Wonder cannabis strain and possesses some rather heavy effects that will have users asking themselves if they’ve gone mad. Maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing, though.

Appearance & Aroma

The THC content in this Sativa is pretty high, ranging between 15% and 23% on average, but the effects indeed mirror the higher of the two.

Alice in Wonderland produces vibrant emerald green flowers speckled with mint shades of green formed like spades and wrapped with amber pistils. These sticky-sweet buds are frosted in trichomes and give off a scent reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts’ rose garden. With floral notes on the nose and lavender and sweet notes on the tongue, it’s no wonder this is a favourite amongst flavour connoisseurs.

Effects & Benefits

Due to its highly therapeutic abilities, Alice in Wonderland is ideal for managing ailments like mild depression, fatigue, stress, and bipolar disorder. It is naturally uplifting and will have users breaking from their shells in the most heartening ways. It is also a helpful sedative and may benefit those experiencing chronic pain, nausea, and muscle tension.

This potent flower is a great way to round out a chill weekend or start a few days at a getaway. The buzz in both body and head is full of pleasure and can even open up the most stubborn mind. So take a few puffs and follow the rabbit wherever he may take you.

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    Priced appropriately, and tasted good!

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