Aztec God Magic Mushrooms

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Ancient South and Central American civilizations consumed magic mushrooms to communicate with the gods. Once the divine mushrooms were consumed, an intense spiritual, visual, and reflective experience would transpire. With Aztec God Magic Mushrooms, you also can meet the gods. That’s because these beautiful magic mushrooms have incredible effects and pack a heavy punch.

Not that much is known about these elusive magic mushrooms. Legend has it that some courageous souls went on a trek in Central America to forage for these shrooms. Whoever it was, they planned to track down the magic mushrooms that the ancient Aztecs utilized in what is now modern-day Mexico. The only issue is that the ones that the Aztecs used were a species called Psilocybe aztecorum.


Aztec God magic mushrooms love to grow on wood and is quite distinct from the Psilocybe cubensis we know and adore. One thing is for certain; this strain is P. cubensis and not P. aztecorum.

Therefore, that means that either someone did find Aztec Gods magic mushrooms in Central America, or perhaps they were a cross between two types. We only know for sure that this strain appeared not too long ago.

Whatever the story is, we’re just happy that this strain exists because of how fantastic it is.

Aztec God Magic Mushrooms Dosage Recommendations:

As we mentioned, Aztec God magic mushrooms are potent. Yet, they’re not as powerful as some other strains but fall someplace above average.

That indicates that beginners and experts alike will likely have a blast with Aztec Gods’ magic mushrooms. If you’ve never dosed before or are new to the world of magic mushrooms, then here’s a convenient chart:

  • .25 grams (g) for a beginner dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a lighter dose (recreational amount)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational amount)
  • 3.5-5g for a stronger dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for a heavier dose (spiritual dose)

Aztec God Magic Mushrooms is a strain that’s practically meant to be taken spiritually. The highly reflective nature of these shrooms makes them ideal for communicating with the gods.

However, to obtain a truly spiritual experience, you’ll need to take it adequately and create some preparations. Those preparations will ensure that you’re comfortable and ready to open your third eye. These preparations come down to a well-studied concept named set and setting. The setting is your physical surroundings, while the set is your mental conditions. That means you’ll need to have a suitable internal and external environment.

The setting should be as calming as possible, familiar, and peaceful. Individuals are also part of the setting, and there should be the smallest amount possible. The set is slightly more tricky to prepare compared to the setting. This is because your state of mind should be serene and clear, which is easier said than accomplished.

To get into a good mindset, you’ll need to empty your schedule and take some time off. Having nothing to worry about will give you the peace of mind to go on a truly spiritual journey.

Warning: Do not mix Aztec God Magic Mushrooms with other controlled substances and especially alcohol.

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  1. Tamus Ryan

    These are great for beginners and microdosing. When taken in high doses however it leads to some pretty crazy and fun times!

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