Berry Bomb AAAA


THC 15-23%

AAAA | Indica

The Berry Bomb marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant Hybrid 85% Indica/15% Sativa with a bag appeal that constantly blows users away. It is a solid option for either solo or social use at the end of a hard day or kick back and relax on a day off. The Berry Bomb strain is proof that when it comes to cannabis breeding, it’s not necessary to sacrifice potency for a fruity novelty flavour.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Blueberry, Citrus, Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla
EFFECTS: Happy, Euphoric, Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy


Berry Bomb

Developed by Bomb Seeds, a Netherlands-based breeder, this flavour-focused cannabis produces mental stimulation and a powerful body buzz that’s excellent for a mellow unwinding. The Berry Bomb flower is a mixture of the fruity staple Blueberry X Bomb Seeds’ flagship weed Bomb #1. This bud’s THC percentage has been measured between 15% and a substantial 23%.

Appearance & Aroma

Berry Bomb is characterized by small to medium-sized nugs that stick together in pebbly, dense bunches. Their bases are broad, and the flowers narrow down into a spade-like form. The tightly-curled leaves are a soft shade of green and threaded with orange to rust-coloured pistils. Many Berry Bomb phenotypes also display softened hues of blue and purple in their leaves; these dramatic hues come about when pigments called anthocyanins are agitated by cooler than average temperatures throughout the growing process. A layer of transparent white trichomes gives the colourful buds a dewy surface and a sticky texture.

The impact of the parent strain Blueberry on Berry Bomb’s fragrance is clear, as the distinct aroma of blueberries exudes from the cured flowers. Some woodsy notes of pine and cedar ground out this fruity character and keep it from scenting overly sweet. Splitting open the flowers may yield some peppery odours as well. When lit, Berry Bomb provides a smoke that is smooth yet thick and lung-expanding. This smoke offers a sweet and tart blueberry tang upon exhale. Notably, this strain’s blueberry taste and smell are entirely incidental to the blue colouring of its leaves — this is because, while pigmentations define the plant’s hues, its flavour profile is formulated by separate chemical compounds known as terpenes.

Effects & Benefits

The Berry Bomb Indica is frequently labelled as a high creeper, sometimes taking up to 15 minutes before its effects can be felt. Users report the first tingle around the eyes and temples, accompanied by an enhanced sense of well-being. A feeling of amplified sensory perception is familiar, and many experience moderate visual distortions. Thought-provoking without being overly cerebral, these specific mental effects can be an excellent method to lounge indoors and watch Netflix on a gloomy day.

Berry Bomb’s trippy head high develops to a palpable body stone as the high transforms, weighing down both the limbs and eyelids. Any lingering muscular tension is crushed as the tensions and irritations of the day dissolve away. Users might find themselves seeking the closest pleasant surroundings to take full benefit of this strain’s deep relaxation. Berry Bomb’s effects can be long-enduring, even for seasoned cannabis consumers. This weed is best reserved in the evening or a day off because it slides into immobilization and sedation.


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