Purple Kush AAA

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THC 24-26%

AAA | Indica

Purple Kush, also referred to as ‘Purple Hindu Kush,’ is a 100% pure Indica strain chosen as one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Strains in the World by the High Times magazine. Users describe Purple Kush as delivering an immediately uplifting euphoric head high, leaving them totally pain-free and slightly introspective. Plus, a warming numbing body sensation starting in the head and spreads throughout the body. Upon the comedown, feeling eased into a deep and powerful pain-free sleep that lasts hours on end.

FLAVOURS: Grape, fruit, sweet, spicy, earthy
EFFECTS: Happy, Euphoric, hungry, relaxed, sleepy

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Purple Kush

The Purple Kush strain was conceived from crossing the prestigious Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It sets itself apart from its parents and other Indica breeds with its sweet taste, charming appearance, and potent effects.

Appearance & Aroma

Purple Hindu Kush’s buds are typical of Indicas and tightly packed. With an equal mixture of tones of green and rich purple leaves, along with speckles of fiery orange hairs. These nugs are frosty with powdery white trichomes and a sticky exterior from the sweet resin.

Purple Kush’s odour’s initial impression is similar to other Afghani strains, with an earthy, almost sandalwood musk. Closer inspection brings out sugary and fruity notes of grape and red wine. When combusted, the flowers have a simultaneously fruity and hash-like odour and smoke, which can sting sinuses and bring about heavy coughing. Upon exhale, smoke from Purple Kush has a sweet grape-like taste that is nostalgic of dessert wine or purple cough syrup.

Effects & Benefits

Compared to some strains that can take time for the effects to be evident, Purple Kush hits users almost instantly upon consumption. Total physical relaxation and a sense of calmness may be felt, with a euphoric, slightly psychedelic head high can be experienced. Hindu Kush’s potent effects make it an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, nerve damage, and muscle spasms.

1 review for Purple Kush AAA

  1. blaze403

    this strain is A1. I just received it a few days ago when I opened up the package the purple kush looked amazing and smoked amazing as well. straight FIIIIIRRREEEE!!

  2. Crystal Cloud 9 (store manager)

    We are happy that you found the appearance and smoke of Purple Kush very nice! Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

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