Black Cherry OG Shatter

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Black Cherry OG Shatter results from a pairing between Grand Daddy Purple X Ken’s OG. While this 50/50 Hybrid has a moderate level of THC, it is still quite relaxing. Most users take this in the evening to unwind and de-stress.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Sweet, Earthy, Spicy

EFFECTS: Relaxed, Uplifted, Calm, Euphoric

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Ken Estes created the Black Cherry OG strain. His goal was to develop a cannabis strain that aided patients in finding relief from aches and pains. His company, Granddaddy Purple Collective, was established in 2002 and became famous for creating Granddaddy Purple (GDP). However, connecting Estes with GDP while missing his back catalogue is like thinking of Radiohead as that group who recorded Creep. Black Cherry OG Shatter is an incredible strain and a prime example of Estes’ medical marijuana knowledge in action.

Estes produced it as a cross of GDP and Ken’s OG. However, the precise origins of the strain are the subject of dispute. Only the breeders understand the actual genetics. Traces of purple on the buds and leaves suggest it’s passed down from GDP. It is also likely to have Ken’s OG lineage.

Black Cherry OG hits you square in between the eyes soon after consuming it, and it serves to relieve any stress and anxiety you may feel. Users report feeling extremely relaxed within seconds. It is a phase that can endure for hours as you feel hazy and in the mood to consider the meaning of life.

The experience generally begins with a euphoric cerebral high. This scenario results in an assembly of thoughts surging into your mind. Soon enough, the physical effects of this strain take over. First, you’ll feel pressure on the forehead, followed by full-body relaxation. Your muscles start to relax, and finally, you’ll sink to your sofa or bed with no urge to get up again.

In many forms, the Black Cherry OG cannabis strain smells as you would expect. You will get a mixture of grapes and berries when you light it up and spicy and herbal notes.

Due to factors out of our power, such as the summer heat, humidity and time, there is a chance that the Black Cherry OG Shatter you ordered could turn to budder or wax when you receive it.

Shatter turning to wax or budder is common when exposed to heat; however, it does not make the Shatter less safe or potent in this form. If anything, the terpenes and aromatics will be more present if this happens, and the flavour is improved.

*Kindly note that we do not offer any reimbursement or refunds if your Shatter turns to budder or wax.

1 review for Black Cherry OG Shatter

  1. Tess Wisman (verified owner)

    Nice light color, strong taste but not too strong on the lungs, would buy again

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