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Black Mamba AA


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Black Mamba is an intense Indica-leaning hybrid (70 Indica/30 Sativa) with exceptional flowers and long-lasting, mind-bending effects. It was developed by crossing Blue Bubblejuice and Black Domina. Black Mamba’s psychoactivity has been tested at 13% to 25% THC. The result is a tasty and potent strain bound to impress cannabis veterans. 

FLAVOURS: Berry, Fruity, Pine, Sweet, Woody

EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed

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Appearance & Aroma

Black Mamba buds are immediately identifiable by their incredibly dark flowers. The curly leaves are a dusky tone of forest green and, more often than not, display parts of deep purple in almost equal proportion.

The latter colour results from high levels of anthocyanin pigments in the strain’s heritage; when agitated by cooler weather during the growing stage, these pigments create purple shades in a process similar to the changing of foliage in fall due to weakened chlorophyll levels. Cloudy trichomes dot the flowers, making them hard to break up without a grinder. These colourful buds cling together in puffy, almost spherical clusters that are small to medium.

Black Mamba has a memorable aroma to match its eye-catching nugs. Rich pine notes emerge on closer inspection, giving the strain an earthy profile. When properly cured, the flowers give a sour-sweet, grape-like scent that invites users to take repeated whiffs.

Grinding or breaking apart the buds yields a more herbal smell. When combusted, Black Mamba gives off a smooth smoke that tastes like grape juice on the exhale. Notably, the strain’s purple colour and grape taste are entirely incidental; while pigments determine its colour, its flavour is dictated by compounds called terpenes. Ultimately, this can be a very intense smoke — those trying to keep their consumption discreet should take any essential precautions.

Effects & Benefits

The high from Black Mamba hit hard and fast, initially manifesting as the pressure in the forehead and around the temples. Not only do sounds and sight seem more elevated, but users might also take increased stock of their thoughts, which may jump around quickly in a rapid association. Users may feel their powers of perception quickly change to pick up on external stimuli that may otherwise go unnoticed.

When used in isolation, Black Mamba can deliver the energy needed to accomplish duties like cleaning, organizing, or running errands. It can also set the background for users to pore over deep philosophical or analytical questions.

Black Mamba is a flower to enjoy during the day, as its energetic vibes are likely to leave users wide-eyed and red. This mind race may lead many to become talkative and social, more inclined to engage with those around them. At its height, this strain may induce trippy, almost hallucinogenic effects that can be satisfying for seasoned smokers but may plunge newbies into alarm or paranoia.

Black Mamba has several benefits for medical cannabis patients as well. It might help those with mild to moderate cases of stress and depression to spend some time more intentionally and mindfully. It may also help those with attention deficit disorders to keep a clearheaded and lucid focus. This Indica can also reduce the painful intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma. As noted, Black Mamba’s strong genetics can contribute to some intense, recursive thinking. As a result, it is inappropriate for those prone to panic or anxiety or who have a low tolerance for THC.


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