Critical Mass AA

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THC 20%

AA | Indica

Critical Mass is a superstar Indica-dominant, with the percentages coming at 80% Indica/20% Sativa. It has become a staple for Indica lovers seeking a commanding sedative quality. Users describe its relaxant effect as equivalently potent to that of OG Kush.

FLAVOURS: Earthy, Pungent, Piney, Sweet
EFFECTS: Creative, Relaxed, Calm, Hungry, Sleepy

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Critical Mass is a potent Indica cannabis strain created by crossing Afghani X Skunk #1. Some people believe Critical Mass to be a descendant of the acclaimed Indica Big Bud because it produces similar effects. However, the intention was to create an amplified and more pleasurable high. In small doses, this flower will have your creative juices flowing along with a sense of calmness. In large amounts, you’ll likely find yourself feeling tired and sleepy.

Appearance & Aroma

This Indica strain gets its name due to its ability to reach “critical mass” when grown. The branches of this strain tend to snap off because of huge and heavy buds. In terms of flavour, Critical Mass has a sweet piney taste, with an overall pungent earthiness to bring it all together. It will please those who love herbal tasting buds.

Effects & Benefits

The Critical Mass flower also has a relatively high CBD level, and because of this combination, it’s often a fantastic medicinal choice for sufferers of pain and insomnia. Considering both its parents’ exalted reputation, it’s no surprise that Critical Mass provides some desirable qualities for buyers. Some users report this strain as being thought-provoking and almost psychedelic. This marijuana strain is usually utilized for evening or nighttime use due to its sedating effect. For this exact purpose, it’s good for insomniacs seeking a whole night’s sleep. The body high may ease most chronic pains and aches as well as relieve anxiety and stress. Others prefer this strain as an aid for nausea, migraines, and anorexia.

3 reviews for Critical Mass AA

  1. Devon Stewart

    Got this for my free 7 grams! Smells great, buds are big nicely packed and full of crystal the taste is amazing will knock u back in ur seat. Perfection!

  2. Juan Pablo Montoya (verified owner)

    Huge nugs with dense trichomes, a very relaxed vibe and great freshness/humidity.
    I was mixing this Critical guy with the Purple Skunk and it was pretty pretty pleasant!

  3. Tamus Ryan

    Sweet taste and the buds look great! Very nice buzz aswell.

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