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Blue Meanie

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We bring to you the highly sought after Blue Meanie magic mushrooms. We recommend this mighty cubensis strain to adventurous users seeking effects that include mood enhancement, euphoria and excitement.

Blue Meanie is sold to travellers and tourists for its hallucinogenic capabilities and heightened appreciation of the surroundings.

The name derives from its easy bruising due to the elevated concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin, making the effects more psychedelic than other cubensis strains. The appearance has thin, white and grey-blue stems with a light speckled gold-domed cap.


Dosage Recommendations:

After 10-30 minutes of consuming, users will feel the effects. The trip lasts between 3-6 hours.

Mild Experience (recommended for beginners): 0.5 gram to 1 gram

Moderate Experience: 1.25 to 2 grams

Strong Experience: 2.3 grams to 3.5 grams

When taken while in nature, such as hiking or camping, users report intense visual enhancements as if everything around is alive and breathing.

From psychedelic visuals to increased euphoria, Blue Meanies provides everything users are looking for and even more.

Warning: Do not mix with controlled substances and especially alcohol.


1 review for Blue Meanie

  1. Tamus Ryan

    Perfect for begginers if you are new to mushrooms!

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