Cali Bubba AAA

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THC 23%

AAA | Indica | 

The Cali Bubba Indica-dominant cannabis strain has gained notoriety in Canada and beyond because of its rich, full-bodied flavour profile and ability to deeply relax the body.

FLAVOURS: Diesel, hash, citrus, coffee, spice
EFFECTS: Happy, uplifted, relaxed, sleepy

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Cali Bubba is a proud and widely enjoyed offspring from the pairing Cali Kush and Bubba Kush. The genetics from this crossbreeding has the west coast head over heels with the distinct kush terpene flavour profile that Cali Bubba offers.

Appearance & Aroma

The buds are light green and icy-blue leaves, and as a bonus, have glistening trichomes scattered throughout. When combusted, its smoke is moderately thick and expansive, neither hitting the throat without impact nor sending the user into coughing fits. The aroma and flavour of diesel, spiced coffee and citrus reveal themselves and taper off into a sweet candy-like aftertaste.

Effects & Benefits

Ending a long day with Cali Bubba, users experience from head to toe their muscles ease with heaviness as a dreamy euphoria overtakes the mind, ridding stress while bringing forth a happy mood. Due to the sedative effects on the body, this cannabis flower may help soothe muscle spasms and aching joints, allowing the body to unwind fully. In high enough doses, it lulls those with insomnia into a deep sleep.

2 reviews for Cali Bubba AAA

  1. ajacobs416

    Very nice sticky and dense buds! Such a good deal for the quality.

  2. Magneto

    I highly recommend this product

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