California Gold AAA

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THC 23-24%

AAA | Indica

California Gold, aka Cali Gold, is an Indica-dominant Hybrid cannabis strain that explodes with flavour and potency. Cali Gold is well-known for its capability to relax the user’s mind and body without entirely incapacitating them. This calming strain’s THC content has been measured at between 18% and 22%.

FLAVOURS: Fruity, Citrus, Sweet, Mango
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Cerebral, Uplifted

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Kk Formerly from the Golden State, this bud is a cross between two relatively rare strains: Jah OG Kush (who also has roots in California) X DS Gold.

Appearance & Aroma

California Gold’s flowers tend to be small to medium in size, sticking together in tight, almost spherical structures. The buds hold the dense formation one might expect of an Indica type, with its leaves curling inward near their central stems. The leaves are a brilliant shade of spring green and wind throughout with brown and orange pistils. Additionally, translucent amber trichomes cover these already-colourful buds, giving them the yellowish gleam the strain’s name suggests.

When correctly cured, California Gold has a predominantly earthy aroma accentuated by some grassy, vegetal tones. There are also light and delightful floral scents lurking underneath, brightening up the overall impact. Meanwhile, breaking up California Gold’s nuggets gives off the smell of rich and woodsy pine. When burnt in a joint or a pipe, the buds give off a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke tastes lemony with some signs of dank earth on the exhale.

Effects & Benefits

California Gold takes effect fast, considering its Indica roots. Soon after inhaling its pleasant herbal smoke, users are apt to encounter some unusual cognitive effects, starting with sensory perception changes. Sounds and sights may take on a new depth and dimension, while pseudo-hallucinogenic effects like warped depth perception or time dilation are also possible. Soon after, users may also detect some slight uptick in the pace and complexity of their thought patterns. Ideas may jump around in loose association or turn themselves over and over in the consumer’s mind. This kind of cerebral shift can be an excellent way to improve productivity, whether the user is attempting to finish work-based responsibilities or power through dull, time-consuming errands.

This strain’s physical effects take hold in equivalent measure, first relaxing the facial muscles and then crushing any lingering tension in the core and limbs. These effects grow more pronounced as time passes, weighing down eyelids and inspiring consumers to consider lying down in the closest comfortable surroundings. Because of this movement towards couchlock, Cali Gold is best used at night, when smokers can thoroughly enjoy its descent into numbness and sedation.

Cali Gold’s downbeat properties can prove helpful to medical cannabis users as well. It can alleviate aches and pains, whether temporary, due to injury, or chronic, as due to ailments like arthritis or fibromyalgia. The strain can also take the pain out of minor irritations like headaches and indigestion. Psychologically speaking, California Gold’s calming nature can briefly relieve the acute symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. At large enough dosage, it’s also likely to lull insomniacs into a fulfilling and deep sleep. Because this Indica is not known to induce an intensely cerebral mindset with recursive patterns of thinking, it is an excellent option for patients prone to panic and paranoia or who have a low tolerance for THC.

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  1. stevej

    I just received my order, and I tried it right away. I love the citrus smell of this flower; I can’t wait to buy more good job cc9

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