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Cherry Bomb AAA

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THC 22-24%

AAA | Hybrid

Cherry Bomb is an evenly-balanced Hybrid that makes for an excellent all-purpose smoke. Born from an anonymous California Indica and fabled Mr. Greengenes landrace Sativa from Hawaii, this flower offers mental engagement tempered by mild physical sedation. Its fruity and dank flavour only serves to complete this multilayered high.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Sweet, Woody
EFFECTS: Energized, Focused, Relaxed

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Appearance & Aroma

Cherry Bomb has proper bag appeal, wowing consumers with its medium to large-sized flowers. The buds have an apparent hybridized structure, compact and dense at their center, similar to many Indicas, but with fluffy, looser leaves that seem more typical of Sativa varieties. The leaves are a light sage green, although some phenotypes of Cherry Bomb boast soft hues of purple; these latter shades come about when pigments called anthocyanins are spurred by cold weather during the growing process. Lastly, a layer of sticky, icy white trichomes ensures the buds’ psychoactivity.

When appropriately cured, flowers of Cherry Bomb carry an intensely fruity scent that leans more toward berry than cherry. This sweet scent is undercut by more musky, earthy hints, redolent of damp earth. Grinding up the nugs, meanwhile, emits a pungent hit of skunk. When burnt, Cherry Bomb offers a smooth and unusually palatable smoke. The smoke carries flavours of blueberry and blackberry upon the exhale with some herbal notes.

Effects & Benefits

Cherry Bomb takes effect fairly quickly, working its magic on the head before users might even have had a chance to exhale its tasty smoke. The strain is noticed with concerted blood pressure in the head, resulting in weird tics like a pulsing in the temples or increased salivation. Deep breathing might happen more freely and easily as users suddenly feel more relaxed. These physical senses are followed up by cognitive changes like the intensity of specific thoughts or feelings. The user may also find that their stream of consciousness flows more quickly as they make heretofore unseen connections between certain concepts. This tuned-in, cerebral way of thinking can pave the path for executing complicated analytical duties. It might also provide some much-needed background colour for those doing menial home chores like the dishes or laundry. However, as some time passes, this acute mental state begins to even out, aided by Cherry Bomb’s palpable Indicaside.

While this strain still allows for attention and coherent conversations, its latter effects can outstrip the energy and motivation that distinguish its onset. At this point, Cherry Bomb is best suitable for mellow activities, whether you’re alone or sharing the strain with some like-minded friends. The eventual mixture of mental and physical stimulation that comes with this high is a great way to improve activities that involve full brain-body coordination — including, but not limited to, moderate exercising, dancing, and even sex. Due to its slow decline into drowsiness, Cherry Bomb is recommended for use late afternoon and evening.

Cherry Bomb’s versatility also gives it several applications for medical cannabis patients. The essence of focus that comes with its onset can be a boon to those with attention deficit conditions. Its typically upbeat vibe can also temporarily take the sting out of mild to moderate cases of depression and stress. The Cherry Bomb strain may also soothe physical pain, whether it’s chronic and deep-seated or because of simple everyday inflammation like a headache. Because it can lead to powerfully recursive thinking patterns at first, this strain is not recommended for medical users who are prone to paranoia or panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Seeds of Cherry Bomb are not available online, pushing prospective home growers to seek clippings that can be developed as clones. Once acquired, clones can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor cultivation demands a hot, sunny, and semi-humid environment. Plants usually grow tall and branchy and might need to be trimmed back earlier in the vegetative phase to fit in indoor spaces. Ultimately, gardeners looking to bring out Cherry Bomb’s real purple possibility should shortly expose their crops to evening temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees below average. This hybrid flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors.

Cherry Bomb is a delightful smoke whether you’re enjoying it alone or sharing it in a social surrounding. Bring enough to share if you do break this fruity strain out in public, as its aroma is sure to turn some heads.

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