Chocolate Kush Shatter



Chocolate Kush Shatter is an Indica-leaning hybrid (70 Indica/30 Sativa) marked by its sweet, dessert-like scent. This bud is a cross between pure Indica Mazar X Sensi Star — these two unite to make a hybrid with serious bag appeal. It was developed by Spanish company 00 Seeds, which has stabilized strains like Bubble Gum and White Widow. Chocolate Kush’s THC has been measured at 14% to 28% THC.

FLAVOURS: Coffee, Nutty, Sweet, Woody
EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Focused, Happy

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Flowers of Chocolate Kush Shatter buds are small to medium in size and stick together in dense, popcorn-like shapes. The nugs have a solid, heavy structure typically associated with Indica varieties. The tightly-curled leaves are mossy green and shot through with twirly orange hairs, called ‘pistils’ meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. Sometimes, phenotypes of Chocolate Kush also boast light shades of purple in their leaves; these dramatic hues result from pigments called anthocyanins in the plants’ genetics which display patches of blue and purple when agitated by frigid weather during the growing process. Finally, a delicate frost of trichomes covers these buds, accounting for their psychoactivity and making them seem more white than green.

Chocolate Kush Shatter’s high has a slow, easy onset, making it a user-friendly option for cannabis newcomers. The high is bracing and energizing at first, and this strain confers a positive feeling that may elevate the smoker’s mood. It may also provoke increased thoughtfulness, allowing smokers to work on any tasks at hand with a clear head and deliberate intent.

If you intend to accomplish work when enjoying Chocolate Kush, try and finish up quickly; within an hour, users typically slide into a thorough feeling of physical relaxation. Limbs might feel heavier as breathing happens more rapidly and any muscular tension evaporates. Chocolate Kush may induce a deep, restful sleep in high enough doses. This tasty strain is best consumed during the late afternoon or early evening when it gradually steps down from energy into relaxation and can be fully savoured; if used before bed, it may leave users too hyper-alert. Note that dry mouth is commonly reported as a adverse side effect.

Due to factors out of our power, such as the summer heat, humidity and time, there is a chance that the Chocolate Kush Shatter you ordered could turn to budder or wax when you receive it.

Shatter turning to wax or budder is common when exposed to heat; however, it does not make the Shatter less safe or potent in this form. If anything, the terpenes and aromatics will be more present if this happens, and the flavour is improved.

*Kindly note that we do not offer any reimbursement or refunds if your Shatter turns to budder or wax.


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