Citrus Skunk Shatter



Citrus Skunk Shatter unites form with function with a stinky scent and a potent punch. This hybrid (65 Indica/35 Sativa) is an intense cross between California Orange X Skunk #1 created by Jordan of the Islands out of British Columbia. Sativa-like effects are significant for creative artists and musicians pursuing a creative boost.

It’s also an excellent strain for wake-and-baking, and the improved sociability it may provide makes it a perfect choice for parties. It still can help de-stress at the end of a long day.

FLAVOURS: Citrus, Creamy, Lemon, Skunky, Sour, Sweet

EFFECTS: Calm, Cerebral, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

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Citrus Skunk Shatter is a hybrid and Its sedative properties feature a refreshing, heady high tempered by its Indica roots. That gives it a soft body load and relaxing vibes ideal for unwinding at the end of the day. As a result, it might be able to relieve the symptoms of several possible health matters.

This strain stands up to its quirky name. Its citrus-forward smell invokes images of lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. The skunk scent reaches up on the tail end of the strain’s aromatic profile, merging into a combination of tangy and sweet notes. It’s a loud scent that will surely alert a room to its presence.

Spark some of this flower, and you’ll be treated to a pleasant flavour that focuses on citrus plants’ sour and sweet tones, without as much of a robust skunk taste as the tone would imply.

Citrus Skunk Shatter is also a visually attractive strain. Its buds develop as fat, thick, and (most importantly) dense structure. Those forest-green nugs are split by deep amber and orange hairs that summon the same colours as the citrus fruit that gave the strain its name. It’s sheathed in a thick resin gloss, with individual trichomes glistening in ambient light.

Due to factors out of our power, such as the summer heat, humidity and time, there is a chance that the Citrus Skunk Shatter you ordered could turn to budder or wax when you receive it.

Shatter turning to wax or budder is common when exposed to heat; however, it does not make the Shatter less safe or potent in this form. If anything, the terpenes and aromatics will be more present if this happens, and the flavour is improved.

*Kindly note that we do not offer any reimbursement or refunds if your Shatter turns to budder or wax.


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