Death Bubba AAAA

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THC 25-27%

AAAA | Indica 

The Death Bubba strain has become famous Canada-wide since it was formulated in Vancouver, BC, in 2012. If you’re a newbie, be ready for an intense trip. Recreational users have reported it’s one of the best body stones they’ve experienced.

FLAVOURS: Sweet gas, diesel, pine, lemon, spicy, woody, sweet
EFFECTS: Euphoric, happy, relaxing, hungry, sleepy

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This bud is a 70% Indica/30% Sativa Hybrid descendant of the infamous Bubba Kush X Death Star strains, both with highly desirable traits. This dank bud boasts a savagely high THC level that ranges between 25-27% and effects that can end in an almost death-like slumber.

Appearance & Aroma

Death Bubba clearly looks the part – it emits purple hues, and it’s loaded with trichomes and terpenes. With a thick blanket of trichomes, which is the reason for such a potent high.

Upon grinding up the buds, you’ll notice the musty, gassy and earth-like smell, a true skunk odour for the true Cannabis Chronisseur. When combusted, an aroma of musky, earthy pine is released, and when inhaled, the taste is of spicy and sour lemon pine with a hint of pungent earth that leaves your taste buds craving more. Overall, between appearance, aroma, and flavour, everything reeks and tastes of perfection.

Effects & Benefits

Virtually instantly after smoking, you’ll feel a wave of rushing focused energy wash over you, leaving you motivated and uplifted with tendencies towards having psychoactive experiences. As the high develops, you’ll be eased into a state of utter relaxation with deep introspection and spaciness that may cause you to grow distant in social situations. During the comedown from the high, this powerful Indica draws you into a peaceful and deep uninterrupted sleep that lasts for hours, giving the appearance of being unwakeable. Due to the potent effects of Death Bubba, it is often a routine choice for medical users seeking a remedy for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

2 reviews for Death Bubba AAAA

  1. Poontangpunisher (verified owner)

    This cut of death bubba is a heavy hitting high resin producing west coast delicacy . I will 110% order again .

  2. Crystal Cloud 9 (store manager)

    That’s great to hear that you enjoy this strain and want to order it again. Definitely a classic potent bud.

  3. Peter Pan (verified owner)

    this is called death for a reason. Cannot feel pain after enjoying this strain. Very euphoric, at first then the ahh ill just relax here a bit next thing you know sleepy time. Highly recommend this to anyone suffering chronic pain, and had no anxiety issues. thanks cc9

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