Diamond OG AAA


THC 15-20%

AAA | Hybrid

Loved by recreational and medical users worldwide for its potent and long-lasting effects is Diamond OG, a 50% Indica 50% Sativa Hybrid strain. A precious jewel of the Hybrids, Diamond OG, provides a unique and balanced high starting with mental euphoria and settling into full-body relaxation.

FLAVOURS: Pine, sweet, woody
EFFECTS: Euphoric, happy, calm, relaxed, sleepy

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The history of Diamond OG began with crossing OG Kush with an unknown strain. Although the complete genetics are unclear, the familiar refreshing OG fragrance of citrus-spine supported by fuel undertones is evident.

Appearance & Aroma

The sparkling buds are medium-sized with dark shades of olive green leaves strung with yellow to orange pistils. Grinding up these sticky nugs emits a spicy, hashy scent, likely the impact of Afghani landrace heredity in the strain’s background. When inhaled, a slight cough may be expected with a fresh taste of citrus on the palette upon exhale. A noticeable pungent fuel aroma fills the room, making discretion more difficult than other strains.

Effects & Benefits

Diamond OG provides what is characterized as a high creeper, which usually takes several minutes after users have savoured its taste before the effects are detected. Some mental enhancements are present. However, they are more calm, cerebral or thoughtful, and users are likely to feel euphoric and elevated. This divine balance between head and body high can be an excellent method to unwind and release the day’s stresses and annoyances to melt away. Because of its drowsy vibes, Diamond OG is better suited to evening versus daytime use. Its stoney effects are known to be lengthy and robust, even for seasoned cannabis users.


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