Great White Monster (GWM) Magic Mushrooms

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The Great White Monster (GWM) Magic Mushrooms is a reasonably new P. Cubensis strain that was created by accident by the grower known as “NHMI.” This strain is initially a cross between Puerto Rican and the A-strain; however, the Great White Monster was born from accidental exposure to quaternary reactive ammonium siloxane.

The fruiting bodies of this mushroom are white like albino shrooms, but it is, in fact, leucistic (partial loss of colour pigmentation). GWM is a unique strain as it is the only P. Cubensis strain known to have both albino and leucistic spores. The Great White Monster (GWM) Magic Mushrooms also has large fruits that are slow to grow but prolific. Our customers report a well-balanced experience. Expect more elevated than average potency with the Great White Monster.


Great White Monster (GWM) Magic Mushrooms have some of the most potent effects, even compared to other mushroom strains because it’s a mutant, this albino psilocybin strain developed strains from numerous mushroom strains. After consuming, the first thing you’ll feel is a buzzy warmness that takes hold of your mind. Then, the fractals will start coming up in your mind’s eye, only to continue with other graphic hallucinations. You’ll also encounter synesthesia at some point, where you hear colours and see sounds.

If you try venturing with a larger dose of Great White Monster, you might also encounter ego dissolution or ego death. At this point, you’ll wish you didn’t do this because ego-death might not be a good experience for most people. You might become anxious suddenly if you’re not cautious enough. That’s why we advise starting with a lower dose so that you can get used to Great White Monster’s potency. This way, you’ll increase your tolerance level and become able to eat even larger quantities of mushrooms.

Great White Monster (GWM) Magic Mushrooms Dosage Recommendations:

Regardless of the quantity of mushrooms you have, it would be best if you always started with the lowest dose possible.

A beginner-level amount ranges from 0.3g to 1g, and a moderate dose used by a typical consumer ranges between 1g and 2.5g. A microdose, for example, ranges between 0.1g and 0.3g, and what you should encounter are some mild effects if you follow this guide.

Great White Monster is a potent psilocybe strain you should be careful of. Veteran customers with a high tolerance level can consume from 2.5g up to 3.5g and more without having any problems: the lower your tolerance level, the more extreme the effects on your mind and body. Though, medical users will have many things to be happy about. Great White Monster can relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, stop cancer spread, and more.

Warning: Do not mix Great White Monster (GWM) Magic Mushrooms with other controlled substances and especially alcohol.


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