Hawaiian Punch AAA

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THC 21-23%

AAA | Hybrid

Hawaiian Punch is a balanced Hybrid that may be reminiscent of the fun, tropical drink of the same name; however, it’s a potent cannabis strain with a strong punch of THC. This strain is well-liked for its energizing capabilities and power to induce mental clarity and focus. With a percentage of up to 23% of THC or more, this strain isn’t for the faint of heart. Those new to cannabis should consume with some caution.

FLAVOURS: Citrus, Sweet, Tropical
EFFECTS: Energized, Euphoric, Relaxed, Focused

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The title of the Hawaiian Punch strain conjures images of sun, surf, and smiles that the Aloha state is famous for. The cannabis strain is equally recognized for the good times it can bring and its tropical lilt. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a Hawaiian Punch? That fabulously fruity beverage never fails to take us back to the easier times of our youth.
Famous in its native state of Hawaii, the West Coast and Canada, the Hawaiian Punch flower is known for not pulling its punches. Consumers share tales of its legendary long-lasting effects that will show you riding the waves long after smoking up.

Appearance & Aroma

Hawaiian Punch has a tropical kick to the aroma. The smell is entirely fitting of the name, and it has a very pungent smell. Take out some of this bad boy at a gathering, and people will know about it. What’s more, they will presumably want to know more about it, too, as just one whiff is too alluring to resist.

Hawaii is well-known for its fruit production and is referred to as the pineapple state. Well, the fume of Hawaiian Punch weed certainly lives up to this. The aroma is a sumptuous selection of melon and pineapple, mingled with an almost spicy lemon zing.

The unique flavour of the Hawaiian Punch strain is one of its highlights. The pleasure from the smell carries over to the flavour. It is a smooth smoke with a lovely taste of citrus, mango, and pineapples interlaced. Undoubtedly, you can taste that fruity punch factor.

A pleasant earthy undertone is added to the mix, almost like freshly churned soil. This surprise counts a further dimension to the flavour profile, making it more complex than other notably fruity strains.
You will want an adequately cleaned pipe or joint to savour this distinctive flavour truly. Give yourself every opportunity to enjoy Hawaiian Punch correctly. Truly a treat for your taste buds, this bud packs a punch in the flavour department.

The Hawaiian Punch plant has buds so dense that they are almost cylindrical. In terms of colour, there are numerous different shades of forest green with browny-yellow pistils decorating the leaves. The chunky nugs are elongated and medium-sized, with a wispy, loose form typical of Sativa types.

The flowers have a thick white layer of crystals. It is as if they have been caught in a snowfall. The crystals give a sticky surface and make the bud hard to break up without using a grinder. With that many trichomes, the remarkable psychoactive effects of the strain should come as no surprise.

Effects & Benefits

With a high THC content and low CBD levels, Hawaiian Punch is best used to help with mentally related problems. Almost all who consume Hawaiian Punch describe intense feelings of euphoria and happiness, bringing about positively increased relaxation and well-being senses.

With these effects, it is no wonder that Hawaiian Punch has tremendous potential for relieving feelings of depression and stress. You just let your uneasiness wash away like you are sunning on the sand, with the sea gently lapping at your feet.

Users report that this hybrid can help clear your mind and deliver deep focus. It can fill you with a sensation of purpose and energy. These effects last for a shockingly extended time. You don’t get hit with couch-lock with Hawaiian Punch, also. This integration makes it an excellent option for those experiencing a creativity block, and it could help individuals who struggle with attention deficit disorders.

Hawaiian Punch is a beautiful choice for a wake and bake medication with no couch-lock and long-lasting results. On the flip side, as it can set the mind racing for an extended time, it would be unwise to use it before bedtime.

2 reviews for Hawaiian Punch AAA

  1. Elle (verified owner)

    Went over budget this month but the vday sale was too good to pass up. Decided to take a chance on Hawaiian Punch expecting that at less than $60 an oz., it would be a good “filler” for my more expensive bud. Surprisingly, found myself giggling at a South Park episode I’ve watched multiple times. A bit harsh but I’m giving it five stars because it did a better job than $200/oz bud I’ve bought elsewhere. Glad I took a chance on a flash sale. Once again, CC9 got my order to me at warp speed.

  2. Shaelene Lafosse (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this bud. After a few puffs, I could start to feel the effects, and they were amazing! Not only did this help take my mind off of my pain for a while, I had a great laugh as well, and an awesome sense of euphoria.

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