Megalodon AAAA

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THC 20-23%

AAAA | Hybrid

Megalodon is a slightly leaning Sativa-dominant Hybrid cannabis strain (60 Sativa/40 Indica) titled for a prehistoric species of shark — but there is nothing extinct about this strain’s sky-high power. It is crossed by three types of strains that offer notoriously high amounts of resin: White Widow, Snow White, and Great White Shark. The result is a trippy, well-balanced smoke that’s right at home in vast types of settings. Its THC percentage falls between 20% and 23% THC.

FLAVOURS: Herbal, Skunky, Spicy
EFFECTS: Aroused, Creative, Energized, Happy, Uplifted

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Appearance & Aroma

Impressively large flowers mark Megalodon. They are almost spherical in form and adhere together in dense, tightly-packed bud structures. The tightly-coiled leaves are a brilliant shade of lime green and are threaded through, including hairy golden-brown pistils. As might be expected of a strain from such high resin generators, Megalodon also has a dewy silver finish due to its coating of translucent white trichomes. These incredibly sticky buds are best broken up with a high-quality grinder and will leave behind a dusting of kief on any surfaces they meet.

Typically, a mild vegetal smell is a sign of poor curing techniques, but in Megalodon’s case, a grassy odour is part and parcel of the strain’s genetics. Some sharp, skunky notes accent this mellow scent. Breaking up or grinding up the buds produces a bit more character, with some notes of incense and pepper. When combusted, the Megalodon strain gives off a smooth smoke. It leaves behind a nondescriptly herbal and somewhat skunky flavour on the exhale. Some of this strain’s lack of pungency might be due to its high amount of trichomes; many varieties with an exceptionally high THC index (like The White, for example) may lack the vibrant mix of terpenes that contributes to a full-bodied and lasting flavour.

Effects & Benefits

Megalodon has a gradual, creeping high that may require 15 minutes to ramp up to its absolute effects. In the beginning, users may feel a constricting pressure around the temples and eyes, followed by a slow tightening as their mouths turn upwards into smiles. As they grow accustomed to these feelings, they’ll detect a newfound clarity of thought. Megalodon may bring about cerebral energy that is ideally suited to situations requiring problem solving or creative thinking. The ideas may jump from one to another, making this an excellent strain for conversing or socializing.

Eventually, Megalodon’s Indica side exposes itself: users may opt for the most comfortable surroundings possible as they feel their tensions disappear. A trippy feeling of time dilation may also become visible, with minutes appearing to pass more slowly than before. That said, it is not likely to put any but the most experienced cannabis veterans to sleep. For this reason, Megalodon is reasonably best used in the early evening, when users can experience its full range of effects, tapering from primary energy down to stoney, full-body relaxation.

The Megalodon flower may also have several applications for medical cannabis users. Its initial cerebral edge can have beneficial, uplifting effects for those suffering from depression or stress. This mentally-focused energy may also be a blessing to patients with attention deficit disorders, helping them maintain focus on a single task. Megalodon’s more sedative Indica features can also relieve deep-seated aches and pains and take care of headaches and even migraines. Because the feeling of “mind race” connected with its onset can lead users to feel out of control, Megalodon may not be the best choice for those prone to panic or with low THC tolerance.

Megalodon’s versatility and potency make it exceptional for anything from taking an extensive sunny hike to cleaning the house during a rainy day. It’s sure to keep you revving forward with its mammoth-sized psychoactivity.

1 review for Megalodon AAAA

  1. stevej

    Oh man, by far, this is one hella of a strain. I love the high it gives you and the taste of it. I cant wait to get more

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