Purple Candy AAAA

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THC 26-28%

AAAA | Hybrid

Purple Candy is an indulgent Hybrid with eye-catching buds and a profoundly therapeutic body high. This strain was developed by BC -based breeders BC Bud Depot — who have also presented us Optimus Prime and God Bud — as a mix between their Sweet Tooth and colourful Northern California favourite Mendocino Purps. As resinous as it is bright, this strain can be a strong smoke, even for cannabis vets.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Candy, Grape, Honey, Sweet

EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed

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Appearance & Aroma

Purple Candy differentiates itself with large, multicoloured flowers. The compact flowers have an indica-type form, as their small leaves overlap and coil tightly inward toward their main stems. These flowers tend to be large, holding together in wide and tapered formations, almost like miniature pinecones. The leaves are a dark hue of forest green and often also reveal patches of purple. These purple shades are due to the presence of pigments known as anthocyanins, passed on from the parent strain Mendocino Purps. Finally, these already-colourful buds are caked with cloudy white trichomes that make them very resinous and account for their high psychoactivity.

Effects & Benefits

Purple Candy can have an unhurried, creeping high, occasionally taking several minutes after users have toked to expose its presence. A concerted pressure near the eyes is one of the earliest signs of the strain taking effect. There can also be some shifts in the senses — visual and auditory distortions are usually reported, as is a feeling of time passing more gradually. The hybrid’s energy may be thoughtful at first. Users can be decidedly reflective, putting their thoughts and concerns into perspective.

The cerebral effects can also point itself toward any job on a day’s agenda; Purple Candy’s high may be suitable for analytical problem-solving and more open-ended creative brainstorming sessions. The strain’s relaxing Indica side displays itself as the high while away. A tingle starts to roll down from the neck and move outward through the core and limbs. At this point, it can be enjoyable to kick back and get some reading done or catch up on TV series. Purple Candy’s ever-present Sativa edge may encourage chattiness and company if the strain is consumed in social environments. You don’t need any precise plans to enjoy this potent bud, though — relax and let slow waves of euphoria wash over you. As dosage is increased, couchlock becomes more of a chance, squelching any initial motivation to get up and move. Under the right situations, it can be easy to drift off to sleep under Purple Candy’s spell.

2 reviews for Purple Candy AAAA

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