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Wedding Gelato AAA


THC 20-25%

AAA | Hybrid | Under $100

Wedding Gelato is a slightly Indica dominant cannabis strain (60% Indica/40% Sativa). This Hybrid will prepare you to celebrate a marriage with a sweet and delicious blend of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33, both strains known for unique dessert flavours. This nutty-vanilla strain thrives in warm climates and gives growers a hardy, tall plant bursting with euphoria and arousal. If you prioritize tantalizing flavours when choosing your bud, Wedding Gelato is a strain you’ll instantly want to marry.

FLAVOURS: Sweet, Vanilla, Nutty
EFFECTS: Aroused, Body High, Euphoric, Relaxed, Tingly, Uplifted


Despite understanding these two primary parents, Wedding Gelato has a complex history of mixing multiple parent strains through crossbreeding and the laid plans of ambitious growers. Its harmony as a strain you can purchase today, bursting with fantastic flavour, is a miracle of evolution, knowing how many genealogies have gone into it.

Appearance & Aroma

When it comes to flavour, Wedding Gelato delivers a tasting platter of vanilla, ranging from spicy to sweet and herbal on the exhale. The strain’s effects represent its name by providing arousing wedding night bliss. You’ll vibrate on Wedding Gelato, lifted, euphoric, and warmed. If you want to experience waves of satisfaction on a 25% THC high, you’ve come to the proper dessert.

Effects & Benefits

Those suffering from chronic pain, depression, and exhaustion can crush their daily pain by using Wedding Gelato. Mood swings, muscle spasms, cramps, and stress cower before the Wedding Gelato’s dessert-like stupor. Wedding Gelato might become your go-to happiness generator, as arousing and beautiful as any partner.

First, if you want the best results from your hard-earned Wedding, you should grow it outside. If you can get in the same place as Wedding Gelato, you’ll find a strain that’s easy to grow outdoors and in if you have some growing experience. Secondly, you’ll find out that various Wedding Gelato phenotypes will develop differently, necessitating some quick thinking on your part.

If you want the best flowers, have your Wedding in a warm climate and make sure you’re paying attention to its growth patterns. Consider trellising if the strain starts to exceed 130 cm in height. Or if you catch that it’s spreading laterally and growing like a bush, like Indicas usually do, make sure to trim its underbrush often. You’ll be happy to have your work pay off with lush popcorn buds and beautiful lavender crystals.


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