White Widow Kief



The White Widow Kief is a staple Sativa leaning Hybrid (60 Sativa/40 Indica) with powerful energizing effects, reputable for its off-the-charts resin production. 

FLAVOURS: Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Skunk

EFFECTS: Energy, Euphoric, Happy, Social

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Dutch veterans Green House Seeds created White Widow Kief in the 1990s as a cross between Brazilian Indica and South Indian Sativa landraces. At the time, the underground cannabis market mainly consisted of early Hybrids like Northern Lights and Haze. However, White Widow has since entered the ranks of these legendary strains, succeeding an early High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and several other awards. This weed has an average THC composition of 20%, with some phenotypes surpassing that amount. White Widow Kief is explicitly bred for a high trichome count and is especially valued in hash production.

The nugs of White Widow are chunky and somewhat conical and tapered. The leaves are light green with few visible pistils. The bud form of the flowers is more Sativa than Indica, with a fluffy and loose texture that’s broken up relatively easily despite its stickiness.

What this Hybrid lacks in flavour profile, it makes up for in fast-acting cerebral effects. Users may become more acutely perceptive of their environment, tuned into patterns and sounds that may have gone overlooked before. Fans also describe a nearly immediate uplift in mood, energy, and focus applied to mundane tasks like cleaning or more complicated problem-solving processes. White Widow can also be creatively useful, inducing a rapid-fire thinking association that can open up some previously unknown territory.

Psychedelic effects like optic distortion and improved perception can amplify the impact of art or music, while a very soft body buzz mellows users out. Because of its intensely cerebral effects, this strain is generally more psychologically than physically beneficial. It can aid those with attention deficit conditions sustain focus on a single subject. It can also increase energy in cases of exhaustion or depression. Some users have even expressed White Widow Kief as efficient in alleviating migraines. Because of its power, the introspective mind-race associated with White Widow can occasionally veer into paranoia, and smokers might want to plan dosage accordingly.


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