9 Pound Hammer AAA

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THC 14-23%

AAA | Indica 

The Indica-dominant (80 Indica/20 Sativa) cannabis strain 9 Pound Hammer gets its title from its instant cerebral effects that “hit you in the head like a hammer.” It exudes a sweet berry-lime aroma that tastes just as good. This bud is best utilized at night or in the evenings since it does provoke sleepiness while fully relaxing the muscles. The 9 Pound Hammer strain is often used medically because of its high CBD content.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Grape, Citrus, Lime, Sweet
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy

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9 Pound Hammer is a heavy-hitting Indica strain with a patchwork genetic background. It is a three-way cross between Jack the Ripper, Hell’s Angel OG and fruity Gooberry. This relaxing flower was produced by prolific breeders TGA Subcool Seeds, who created Deep Purple and Jesus OG. The cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has measured 9 Pound Hammer’s THC at between 14% and 23%.

Appearance & Aroma

The 9 Pound Hammer’s appearance is impressive, with big, chunky, multi-coloured buds. The flowers stick together in a solid, dense formation, with short leaves coiled tightly inward near their central stems. The leaves are mossy green and with orange and yellow pistils. The leaves also sometimes have flashes of purple due to high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments; the tones of purple emerge when these pigments are agitated by cooler weather during the growing process. A layer of frosty trichomes are sprinkled on top of the nugs, which makes them particularly sticky.

When correctly cured, 9 Pound Hammer has an intense fruity aroma with a tropical accent. Like its parent strain, Jack the Ripper, it is reminiscent of citrus and grape. When combusted in a joint or bowl, 9 Pound Hammer burns with a notably smooth smoke with a woodsy and piney flavour with a hint of lime upon exhaling. Meanwhile, breaking the buds apart gives off a strong incense-like odour thanks to this strain’s Afghani landrace lineage. Reputably, this strain’s pronounced grape flavour is entirely incidental to its purple hues — as with any other variety, its flavour is determined by terpene compounds while its unique pigmentation delivers its appearance.

Effects & Benefits

The 9 Pound Hammer flower imparts some subtle mental stimulation — while it may not trigger robust and cerebral thinking, it can change perception, making sounds or colours take on a higher intensity. Once the effects are felt, deep breathing may come more easily, and muscular tension may disappear. This feeling soon advances into a full-body high that may leave users feeling floaty and disoriented. If increasing the dosage, this strain will likely cause couch-lock, sapping energy and motivation, simultaneously with any lingering stress and pain.

2 reviews for 9 Pound Hammer AAA

  1. stevej

    I heard a lot about this strain, and it did not disappoint me. I’m so glad I got the chance to try it

  2. Magneto

    Nice smell, good smoke. Perfectly dried

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