Agent Orange AAA

THC 22-24%

AAA | Sativa | 

Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid cannabis strain recognized for its sweet and orange taste that delivers a potent cocktail of Sativa effects. New users should consume with caution because the cerebral effects have been called “almost trippy.” A strong sense of euphoria raises the user’s mood and produces a fuzzy disconnect from reality.

FLAVOURS: Citrus, Orange, Sweet
EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Energized, Sociable

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Agent Orange was the concept of TGA Subcool Seeds. They crossed regional Orange Skunk with Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. While the plant can reach heights of up to 10 feet when grown outside, it’s recommended that the Agent Orange plant be grown indoors and trained and topped into a bush. Reportedly, the Agent Orange strain is a heavy yielding strain. The plants will not wholly develop their yield until the last two weeks of flowering. The flowering period is between 55 and 65 days.

Appearance & Aroma

A well-cultivated batch will have shades of light and deep purples scattered throughout its forest-green buds. Its pistils are a stunning burnt orange amid the sea of deep coloured buds, though not as intense as an actual orange as we might be misled to believe.

Effects & Benefits

THC levels of the Agent Orange flower typically hover between 15-18%, with CBN and CBD both about 0.2%. Some consumers of this strain have indicated it produces an alert but easy high. Agent Orange has Sativa-dominance cerebral effects, and it is said to create a minimal body buzz. Therefore, couch-lock is seldom an issue. Daily tasks may become seemingly easier to achieve, social anxiety may decrease, and activities can become more exciting and enjoyable for some users, whether alone or with friends.

A mild body-numbing effect may accompany the happy sense that users experience on this strain. Users should be prepared for the munchies’ attack, although snacks do not need to be nearby because of Agent Orange’s energy. This strain is excellent for getting things done as the “trippy-ness” wears off in about 20-40 minutes after its onset. This flower is a fitting choice for daytime or morning use and is often used by people seeking refuge from anxiety, stress and depression. While it is not suggested for anything exceeding minor aches and pains, Agent Orange has been helpful to medical users managing infrequent pain. It has also been beneficial to patients living with fatigue and chronic migraines.


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