Biscotti AAA

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THC 22%

AAA | Indica

If you’re a fan of sweet baked confections or cookies of any kind, then the Indica-dominant strain (80 Indica/20 Sativa) Biscotti might end up on your favourite picks. While you might enjoy this delicious treat with a cup of joe in the morning, this bud was created for the evening hours.

FLAVOURS: Fruity, Nutty, Sugary, Spicy, Sweet
EFFECTS: Happy, Sociable, Uplifted, Relaxed, Sleepy

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This Indica-dominant Hybrid flower is said to be bred by Cookies in Southern California. Although no one is exactly certain what this strain is made of, it is evident that the genetic heredity emphasizes some heavy hitters. Everyone agrees that Gelato #25 is one of the parents, while many wonders if GG #4, South Florida OG, or Girl Scout Cookies adds to Biscotti’s distinctive qualities.

Appearance & Aroma

With a mild average THC potency of 22%, the Biscotti strain offers users an abundance of flavours and scents. Each nug is dark green with amber pistils and practically sparkles in the sun, thanks to the thick trichome coverage. The smell isn’t what many expect right off the bat because while a cookie note is undoubtedly present, this bud harbours much more pungent aromas of fruit and herbs. One puff coats your mouth in sugary sweetness that tastes quite similar to its namesake, giving you a spicy finish that balances the flavours to perfection.

Effects & Benefits

There isn’t much information about the strain dubbed Biscotti as it’s new to the market. Nevertheless, it’s already gaining popularity among cannabis fans as they try it, some saying that this is an excellent social bud as it tends to enhance conversations. Most users opt for this Indica after a day at work or on days off when they don’t have much to do because this strain features powerful sedative effects. You may end up on a psychoactive journey unlike any other, as it’s noted that this strain hits users hard. Users report that Biscotti goes straight to your head, offering a sense of bliss and relaxation that leaves you calm yet happy. After some time, you might feel the effects transition into your body, and getting off the couch could prove challenging. Biscotti can be so relaxing for many that falling asleep is inevitable.

2 reviews for Biscotti AAA

  1. Erika Doerksen (verified owner)

    Delicious and strong! Great for relaxing for evening

  2. Magneto

    It tastes great and its potent! Great stuff

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