Cake Frosting AAA


THC 26-28%

AAA | Hybrid | 

The Cake Frosting strain, bred by Korova for the California market, is a perfect strain for using lazy mornings to brainstorm innovative projects, boost your mood, and relax. This balanced 50/50 hybrid has a tantalizing creamy taste, overtones of vanilla and lavender, and an arousingly delectable aroma.

FLAVOURS: Flowery, Nutty, Sweet, Vanilla

EFFECTS: Body High, Creative, Relaxed, Sociable, Sleepy




Appearance & Aroma

Dessert lovers herd to Cake Frosting, but even those who don’t have a sweet tooth adore the creamy flavours without eating the sugar. Its THC levels aviate almost 30%, so you must be ready to Bask in Cake Frosting, not just taste it.

Cake Frosting logically originates from Permafrost and Wedding Cake strains. It grows round, fluffy, and has heavy buds with noticeably sticky, thick resin. The bud itself gives off the look of its sweet flavour and will have you enticed before you’ve even started smoking.

This Hybrid is a decadent, fancy flower; when all is said and done that has some stunning mental effects in store for you if you partake of its enticing high THC content. When you do, you’ll get a hint of floral tones, lavender, and a sweet n’ nutty flavour of vanilla. The creamy tastes combine perfectly with hints of spicy flowers.

Effects & Benefits

The initial effect will be a crash of mental energy. You’ll feel imaginative, but you’ll feel your focus departing you as you become giddy. You’ll start to sink into your couch, undergoing a feeling of sedation. Cake Frosting may leave you immobile. It can cause relaxation for those who can’t find any without some help. If you find your thoughts racing and stopping you from sleeping, you may need a serving of Cake Frosting to assist you in controlling your mood and getting yourself to bed.

That’s not to say that Cake Frosting should only be utilized in the evening – users enjoy it as a wake and bake in the mornings, though only on lazy days. Keep this treat for the weekend when you don’t have to work all day and when it’s OK to rest your weary head in a haze of nutty vanilla.

While we wouldn’t suggest real Cake Frosting as a fix for your ills, morning, noon, and night, we can’t help but consider Cake Frosting the strain as a go-to choice for your lazy weekend relaxation needs. Besides hoping for a boost of creative energy, Cake Frosting can provide its sleepy, mood-elevating effects to people suffering from stress, chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms, or inflammation. An unstable mood can make sleeping and focusing challenging – it can throw off your day and night. Provided you can handle it.


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