Cherry OG AAA


THC 19-22%

AAA | Hybrid | 

Cherry OG is a potent, Hybrid cannabis strain that produces a buzzy, uplifting high along with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. The Cherry OG strain has an arrangement that is pleasing and complex. It contains some cherry and floral bits, two elements that have certainly given its name. While it is known for its smell and full-bodied, fruity flavour, some may not be aware that it’s great for kicking back and relaxing after a hard day.

FLAVOURS: Cherry, Sweet, Herbal, Pine, Diesel, Spicy
EFFECTS: Creative, Uplifted, Energized, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

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The Cherry OG flower is a cross between two potent strains – Lost Coast OG and Cherry Thai. While these aren’t landraces per se, they are permeated with some powerful qualities they’ve passed on to Cherry OG. Users should anticipate not only an intense high but also a cerebral one. It’s a flower that is as uplifting as it is powerful. Anyone with sensitivities to THC should toke slow and low. Its pedigree includes Cherry Thai crossed with the Indica classic Afghani. The resulting offspring were crossed one more time with Lost Coast OG. Lost Coast OG is an Indica-leaning strain with a hefty dose of Sativa, with a percentage of about 60/40.

Appearance & Aroma

Cherry OG possesses impressively large buds that adhere in a solid, Indica-typical structure. These flowers are essentially conical in shape, broad at the base and pointed at the end. The tightly-packed buds are a mossy shade of olive green with hairy, rust-coloured pistils. Additionally, transparent white trichomes cover the buds, making them very sticky challenging to break up without using a grinder.

When properly cured, Cherry OG’s flowers certainly give off faintly floral cherry tones. On closer examination, an astringent aroma is also reminiscent of gasoline, inherited from the Chemdawg in parent strain Lost Coast OG’s genetics. Also lurking beneath is a slightly sour, citric tang. Meanwhile, breaking up these resinous flowers speaks to Cherry OG’s Afghani ancestry, with hashy, incense-like aromas that almost overwhelm the hints of berry. When burned in a joint or bong, this bud burns with an easy and smooth smoke that tastes like subtle cherry with some added diesel fumes upon exhale. Cherry OG is a weed that is an excellent blend of a few notable cannabis varieties. While it isn’t a pure type, this may be good for several reasons. Its complex heredity reads like the who’s who of the cannabis world.

Effects & Benefits

Cherry OG provides what can be defined as a creeper of a high, steadily mounting until users can’t help but succumb to its effects. With pressure at the front of the head, users may detect the onset of rapid thought association. This head buzz is excellent for focusing on tasks as complex as sorting your inbox or as mundane as spring cleaning. The mental energy can also be very social in the proper environment, lending to camaraderie and flowing, stimulating dialogue.

Unlike some Hybrids in which the strain’s Indica side emerges in a quick, distinct phase, Cherry OG appears to offer a consistently balanced high, with a pervasive sense of relaxation throughout. Couch-lock is not commonly described, and lucidity is long-lasting. If you’re feeling outdoorsy and active, this bud can set the stage for a long nature walk; under more relaxed conditions, zone out and appreciate a good movie or album. Due to its versatility, Cherry OG is suitable for use during the day or night — however, consumers should refrain from enjoying this strain just before bed, as its thoughtful effects may keep them alert and wired.


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