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Cookie Dough AA

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THC 21%

AA | Hybrid

A potent, balanced Hybrid cannabis strain to keep you baked for hours is the tasty Cookie Dough. The flavour profile is characterized as sweet and delicious to justify its name.

FLAVOURS: Baked dough, sweet, berry, citrus
EFFECTS: Happy, hungry, creative, pain relief


The Cookie Dough strain is a distinguished phenotype of the ever-so-popular Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Accordingly, the effects are similar to how they stimulate appetite, elevate mood, and bring about free-flowing conversations and laughter during social functions.

Appearance & Aroma

The flowers assert their attractive bag appeal with dense and tightly packed medium-sized clusters. The leaves are pale yellow-green leaves with orange pistils scattered throughout. When lit and inhaled, the smoke is velvety smooth and, upon exhale, presents a distinct sweet dough and berry flavour.

Effects & Benefits

One of this Cookie Dough’s main effects is pain relief, which can help alleviate acute or chronic aches, soreness, and injuries. Due to the ability to elevate mood, this Hybrid flower may temporarily relieve mild to moderate stress and depression symptoms. We recommend this powerful Hybrid strain to veterans and give caution to novices.

1 review for Cookie Dough AA

  1. herbalistdan

    I like GSC so I decided to give this a try in the mix and match. It’s such a good smoke with nice effects and buzz. Been smoking it everyday and I think it’s up there with GSC. I will be restocking soon

  2. Crystal Cloud 9 (store manager)

    We’re glad to hear that Cookie Dough is a match in quality to GSC. We hope it has made your days better and that’s is great that you’ll be restocking soon so that you can continue to enjoy it!

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