Drift – Alien Cake 3030 AAAA


THC 24%

AAAA | Sativa

Alien Cake 3030 is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain from Drift, bred from MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) genetics.

FLAVOURS: Lemon, Citrus, Cake, Cream Cheese, Pine, Ammonia
EFFECTS: Concentrated, Happy, Focused, Euphoric, Aroused


Appearance & Aroma

Alien Cake 3030 carries a powerful aroma of lemon, citrus, cake, cream cheese, pine, and ammonia derived from its primary terpenes, trans-caryophyllene terpinol and limonene. Medium-sized, light-green buds distinguish this Sativa with purple streaks and high trichome density. Alien Cake 3030 is developed and cultivated under the highest quality standards.

Effects & Benefits

Alien cake 3030 is a thriving and wild mixture of the best elements of their parents. This marijuana delivers a powerful high, instantly encircling the smoker’s mind. Users report a powerful rush of euphoria and happiness, uplifting with a desire to laugh well with a body high and slight arousal and tingly sensations.


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